Our Tallow

Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow is the incredibly moisturizing foundation of our skincare line. Our tallow is:

  • Home grown - Our Water Buffalo are 100% grassfed and finished, grazing on a variety of holistically managed cool and warm season grasses, legumes, and forbs. We do not administer drugs of any kind to our buffalo and our pastures are never treated with anything toxic.
  • Home rendered - We render all of our own tallow. True tallow comes from the animal's cavity fat, and this is the only fat used in our skincare line. Fat rendered from subcutaneous fat is sometimes confused with tallow but has a different color and melting point than tallow.
  • Hypoallergenic  - We use very pure, uncontaminated cavity fat in our tallow, meaning it's completely free of protein. The cell membrane structure and pH of water buffalo tallow is highly compatible with the sebum of human skin.  
  • Exceptionally nutritious - Water buffalo have a more efficient rumen and a broader palate than cattle, meaning both their meat and fat has superior nutrition. The wealth of vitamins and healthy fats contained in tallow are extremely bioavailable to us as fellow mammals. This means your body not only absorbs this nutrition, but is able to actually use it! Our tallow is truly a topical multi-vitamin!  
  • Non-greasy - Because tallow is so much like the natural oils in our own skin, it absorbs easily and leaves skin feeling soft, toned, and hydrated, the kind of moisture that lasts all day. 

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