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Everything you need to REVIVE your skin! Mature skin deserves the most nutrient-dense skincare on the planet, and our Grassfed Buffalo Tallow makes the perfect base for revitalizing your complexion! This anti-aging super set helps you cleanse, relax, moisturize and hydrate with natural ingredients for skincare!

Age-Positive Set Includes:

Night Repair BALM — Invigorate and revitalize your skin with the natural brightening power of Vitamin C! Night time application allows your skin to heal itself while you sleep. We blend our grassfed tallow with food-based sources of Vitamin C like Acerola, Camu Camu, Rose Hip and Plantain. Along with brightening caffeine and soothing zinc oxide, this blend is a potent treatment that reverses photodamage and nourishes mature skin.

Eye Revive Herbal Tallow Balm — Show your tired eyes a little love with this nourishing herbal tallow balm! The skin around our eyes is particularly susceptible to losing elasticity and collagen, meaning we usually see the effects of aging or dietary and environmental stressors first around our eyes. Support your skin by helping it stay hydrated and smooth, plus reduce dark shadows, puffing, sagging, and the appearance of fine lines with our magical Eye Revive!

Jade Roller — This wonderful little tool is a must for any Buffalo Gal skin routine. Used in China since the 7th century, jade rollers boast many of the same benefits as lymphatic massage: they improve circulation, encourage healthy lymphatic flow and assist in cell turnover. We use it stimulate collagen production and especially love its ability to depuff the under eye area. It’s cooling on its own and a fabulously relaxing part of our daily routine. It is truly magic!

Tallow Cleansing Balm — Oil cleansing fans know the power of “like dissolves like,” and we made this Tallow Cleansing Balm with them in mind! Our lemon peel and flower-infused Grassfed Buffalo Tallow is perfect for all skin types. Tallow is especially beneficial because of its bio-identical properties that closely match the oils on our own face.

HYDRATE Mist — Truly the jewel in our age-positive collection, Buffalo Gal’s Hydrate Mist combines powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid (HA) and youth promoting floral waters that are AHHHH-MAZING for skin! Spray on face and neck any time you wish. When used with the food-based vitamin C in our Night Repair Balm you won’t believe the age-reversing results!

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