BODY BUTTER - Seasonal Scent - Pumpkin Spice Latte (4 oz)

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Ingredients: Grassfed tallow infused with direct trade coffee, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, essential oil blend.

NOTE: Contains coconut oil.  Unscented and Lemon Cake Body Butters do not contain coconut oil.

Pumpkin Spice everything season is upon us!  We southerners look forward to the cooler days of autumn like no one else!  And what says fall more that Pumpkin Spice?  We infuse freshly roasted direct trade coffee from our friends at Java Genesis Coffee Roasting into our artisanal tallow and then combine with coconut oil and cocoa butter. This luscious body butter smells like the best pumpkin spice latte you've ever had! 

Like all our tallow-based products, this body butter relies on the incredibly moisturizing properties of our own grassfed tallow to provide intense skin nutrition. Use Pumpkin Spice Latte Body Butter as an all-over moisturizer, apply to dry or cracked hands, lips, or use to soften up feet.


Tip: Variations in texture and solidity occur from batch to batch.  Seasonal temperature changes, humidity levels, and variations in the individual ingredients can impact how solid or "melty" these bars are.  If you find that your bar is a little too hard or "grabby" when you apply it, warm it on your skin for a full 5-10 seconds first.  Or, place in a 4 oz canning jar and gently warm it in a pan over low heat until softened.  If your bar is too soft and almost messy, do the same: place in a 4 oz canning jar and scoop it out with your fingers.  It's a good idea to melt your bar enough that you can put a lid on it -- creatures (insects and pets) love to eat it!   


Natural Ingredients for Skincare and Their Benefits

Grassfed Tallow — Homegrown and rendered in-house, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. Tallow is not only a traditional skin moisturizer, but a truly luxurious one!  Read more about our tallow here.

Organic  Coconut oil — Rich in medium chain triglycerides, coconut oil gives this body butter more of a slip than the ghee used in our other versions.

Organic Cocoa Butter - This decadent saturated fat prevents drying of the skin and helps prevent the appearance of crepey skin. Reduces the signs of mature skin and maintains skin's supple look.  We use an unrefined form of cocoa butter with its natural chocolate scent in tact. 

Organic BeeswaxKnown in the skincare world to help maintain the skin's natural moisture level and ward off microbes, we use this honey-smelling wax to give our body butter bars a solid structure for easy handling.

Direct Trade Coffee — One of our favorite skin-healing secrets. It tightens fine lines, evens tone, inhibits growth of cancer cells, prevents inflammation, reduces puffiness, dehydrates fatty cells, minimizes the appearance of cellulite and creates a smoothing effect, aids circulation while restricting blood vessels, thus reducing redness including rosacea, acts as a powerful antioxidant and moisturizer, calms irritated skin caused by sun damage. Coffee is really a powerhouse for your skin!

Essential Oil Blend (Pumpkin Pie from Revive Essential Oils)



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I wish there was auto ship!
Written by Taylor Banford on Sep 13th 2022

If I could auto ship this lotion bar to my bathroom every few weeks for the rest of my life...I WOULD! I used body oil for years (I let go of lotions AGES ago) and this bar blows anything I've ever used out of the water.

New Favorite!
Written by Kim on Apr 4th 2022

This scent is a new favorite (!) and love the convenience of a bar. So much easier to rub on versus pumping lotion or scooping from a jar. Excellent addition for anyone looking to avoid polluting the world with plastic. Absorbs nicely and leaves my skin super soft.

Love it but...
Written by Whit on Mar 14th 2022

I bought this knowing coconut oil dries out my skin but I wanted to try all the other ingredients. Unfortunately, they weren't enough to overpower the drying effects of the coconut oil. Except for that, I loved everything about this product. Smell, feel, quality, all of that was top notch.

Perfect Pumpkin Spice
Written by Jenn C on Oct 4th 2021

The tallow body butter is already luxurious, but when that first hint of crisp air reaches your area and it's time to have all things Autumn, the Pumpkin Spice Latte body butter is a must have!

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