CALAMINE SOAP for Itchy or Eczematic Skin (4 oz)

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Reminiscent of the calamine lotion Mom put on our skin as children to soothe and stop the itch caused by insect stings and bites, and rashes from grasses and ivies. 

This little soap is the perfect complement to your summer arsenal for skin woes!  Wash away the itchiness and swelling caused by insects, rashes, or eczema!  Calamine powder is a blend of zinc oxide and a small amount of ferric oxide, giving it its recognizable pink color and inflammation reducing effect.

This bar is made with a base of our handcrafted soap scraps ground into a powder, chamomile hydrosol, calamine powder, collodial oatmeal, grassfed tallow, and manuka honey.

To use, simply wet the bar, wet skin, and wash the affected area well.  Pat dry with a soft towel and follow with any tallow balm.


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Written by Diane on Feb 27th 2022

So excited to have purchased this little soap for my son, who suffers from facial eczema. He noticed results after his first use. New customer, I'm sure!

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