Calendula Flower Tallow Soap (~ 5 oz)

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Ingredients: Saponified tallow, olive oil*, castor oil*, and calendula flowers*. *organic

Ideal for babies and those with sensitive skin, our ultra soothing Calendula Flower Tallow Soap is gentle on skin, while thoroughly cleansing.  We make it so pure and basic -- free of scents, harsh surfactants, dyes, and detergents.  Your great grandmother would approve!


Our soap bars last up to 60 days for one person as long as only hands are used to lather and it is kept on a well-draining soap saver.  




Saponified grassfed tallow, organic virgin olive oil, organic virgin castor oil, and organic calendula flowers.


About Soap Making

Curious about the chemistry behind soap making? "Saponification" refers to the chemical reaction between fat and lye that results in the formation of glycerin and soap. Saponification occurs when, first, three molecules of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) are dissolved in water (H2O) and are split apart, which results in three sodium ions (Na) and three hydroxyl groups (OH). Second, a triglyceride (fat) molecule (C3H5(COOR)3) is split apart through hydrolysis, which results in a free glycerol (C3H5) and three fatty acid tails (COOR). Third, the hydroxyl groups all bond to the free glycerol to form a molecule of glycerin. Fourth, the three fatty acids each bond with one of the three sodium ions to form three molecules of soap (3NaCOOR). When the ingredients have completed the saponification process, one molecule of glycerin will be present for each three molecules of soap; no molecules of lye (sodium hydroxide) remain in the soap—they have all been split apart and used to form the soap molecules and glycerin.


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Very Gentle
Written by Kobi on Apr 4th 2022

Possibly one of the all-in-one soaps you can find. This product is gentle on your face, skin, and hair (if you wanted to). The smell is a very subtle floral scent, but doesn't have the usual tallow smell. An easy winner for kids and adults if you're not sure about their preferences.

Love this!!
Written by V on Mar 31st 2022

I am already obsessed with Calendula, I have been making infused oils with her and she is wonderful in teas! I have not learned the making of soap yet so I still have to buy homemade soaps (which is fine with me). I am not sure how I came across Buffalo Gal but I am so happy I did. This bar is amazing and it feeds my obsession with this amazing flower. The infused oil I make has done wonders for my face and since I have been using this soap, my body feels amazingly soft and clean!! Thank you! Plan on stocking up on this wonderful bar!

Love it!
Written by Valerie on Mar 24th 2022

Calendula has become one of my favorite herbs. Totally obsessed with anything that has her in it! Wanted to try this soap out until I learn how to make mine. Oh my, the smell is there but it is faint and it is natural, it is earthy but sweet at the same time!! I love it and my skin feels amazing afterward! I can't wait to see how my skin changes with this soap after a few weeks of constant use! Highly recommend!

smells so good!
Written by Kirsten on Dec 7th 2018

I had been using the french clay soap for quite a while, as well as the unscented, but this is my newest addiction! I was initially worried that the calendula would somehow manage to irritate my sensitive skin, but it's been great! Calendula smells refreshing when applied to your skin and I really love seeing all the bits of flowers and petals floating in the soap.

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