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Ingredients: Grassfed tallow infused with organic rose buds, organic lavender flowers, organic calendula flowers, and organic lemon peel, organic sunflower oil.


NOTE: Due to the current glass shortage, this product will be temporarily packaged in a different jar than shown in the product photo. 


(Wood spoon and microfiber cloth included.) Oil Cleansing Method fans know the power of “like dissolves like,” so we take this concept to the next level with our Tallow Cleansing Balm!  Tallow is especially beneficial because of its bio-identical properties that closely match the oils on our own face.  It makes sense then that tallow is the primary oil in this product.  We infuse our Grassfed Tallow with organic flowers and lemon peel for a pleasing cleansing blend that’s perfect for all skin types.  We add just enough organic sunflower oil to create an easy-to-use consistency.   


Directions:  Use a clean finger or small spoon to scoop out a quarter sized amount of cleansing balm and massage into skin with gentle, circular strokes. Wet a soft cloth with hot, steamy water and lay it over face. Relax and allow the cloth to cool completely. Wet the microfiber cloth (included with your Cleansing Balm) and wipe away the oil, taking care not to scrub. Rinse the microfiber cloth with more water if needed and continue to wipe away any remaining oil.  Your face should feel soft and moisturized. Follow with one of our Tallow Face Balms if desired or simply allow your skin to rest.


Natural Ingredients for Skincare

Grassfed Tallow — Homegrown and in-house rendered, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. Tallow is highly emollient and non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog pores.  Read more about our tallow here.

Organic Sunflower Oil - A traditional oil in the Oil Cleansing Method, sunflower is known for helping to eliminate excess dirt and sebum while gently softening skin.  It is non-comedogenic and rich in protective essential fatty acids.

Organic Lavender Flowers— We infuse this calming herb directly into our tallow! It is a counter irritant, increases circulation, and promotes a healthy mood.

Organic Calendula Flowers — Infused directly into our tallow! It promotes circulation and assists with wound healing and skin trauma thanks to its concentration of carotenoids and flavonoids.

Organic Rose Buds — Also infused right into our tallow.  Rose is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, relaxing has as calming scent. It is moisturizing, toning and rejuvenates and replenishes to soften skin. 

Organic Lemon Peel — Contains a high amount of calcium, vitamin C, and citric acid, making it a natural detoxer, antibacterial, and gentle exfoliator. We also use it to lend a wonderful scent to our products.


About The Oil Cleansing Method

Dirt, pollution, and other impurities trapped in the pores contribute to acne, inflammation, and glycation (wrinkling). Contrary to popular belief, oil is necessary for skin health and can dissolve and dislodge these impurities when applied during the Oil Cleansing Method. Doing so is a relaxing way to restore skin's optimal barrier function and glow. 





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Game changer
Written by Christie on Apr 30th 2021

This is by far the best cleanser I have ever used in my life! I have only skin that is prone to hormonal acne. This has been a wonderful addition to the tallow I use to moisturize my face. My skin has never looked better and has even chased away breakouts. It leaves you looking smooth and a nice glow. Ill never use any other cleanser!

The glow is real
Written by Carmina on Aug 20th 2020

I literally got comments on my face glowing the day after I used this, and now I have my partner convinced to try it! Laying with the warm towel was a super relaxing and wonderful experience. Would definitely (and have already) recommend!

Great for dry, sensitive skin!
Written by Kristin on Aug 19th 2020

I'm not about using cleansers with ingredients I can't pronounce, so I was so excited to find this company and to try out this cleansing balm. Using it is such a nice experience- it rubs in smoothly to the skin and removes dirt and impurities, and when you wipe it off it leaves the skin moisturized. Highly recommend.

Tallow Cleansing Balm
Written by Barbara Love on Aug 12th 2020

I purchased for my teen son with acne issues in hopes that this will help clear it up for him.

Excellent cleaner
Written by Sam on Mar 13th 2018

This is a lovely product. The scent is lovely. It would be nice if it was a little more pliable at low temperature so it would be easier to apply to skin without having to microwave. I like that the container is glass so you could microwave or heat safely.

clean and moisturized
Written by Mackenzie on Jul 13th 2017

I'm new to the OCM but this was a perfect way to dive in. The cleansing balm is smooth and creamy but not thick and tacky. It leaves you clean as well as moisturized. I now even enjoy sitting there for a minute with the hot towel on my face and letting my day fall away.

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