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Not sure where to start?  We want you to be matched with the perfect products for your skin or hair, so we now offer a Curated Sample Set!  Tell us if there is a particular product you have in mind or just tell us a little about your skin or hair in the provided text box and we will put together product samples for you to try.  The samples are free.  You pay only $8 for the cost of shipping materials and postage.

Sample availability varies.

Directions: When you receive your sample set, keep in mind our simple Cleanse - Tone - Nourish skincare regimen.  

1) Cleanse face with the cleanser provided.  If both the Cleansing Balm and a soap sample are included, then feel free to alternate to see that works best.

2) Follow with Toning Mist (if provided).

3) Nourish your skin with one of our Tallow Balms!

Other samples may include Hair products, Deodorant (when available), and/or body butters.  Use at your leisure.


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Lovely company, just wasn’t for my skin
Written by Claire on Oct 16th 2022

The company, ethos and people behind it seem so genuinely lovely and like they care about people. It unfortunately didn’t work well with my skin (flared up my super finicky rosacea), but I loved the care that went into curating the sample kit, and would highly recommend it to try for yourself! The samples are really generous too so you get a good idea of if it works for you

Hair Products Samples
Written by Kae on Aug 30th 2022

I’ve been through so many clean hair products that weren’t working and I was ready to give up. The samples of MSM shampoo and conditioner I received have been amazing! I think it’s been the best shampoo I’ve ever tried. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down, it has shine and it doesn’t get greasy quickly like it used to.

I'm hooked!
Written by Steph on Jul 20th 2022

The cleansing balm, mist, moisturizer and night repair set I received are so incredible I don't think I can use another national brand product again. I've tried other tallow products before that were too greasy or a bit grainy (weird!). These are absolutely perfect - soothing, creamy, nourishing perfection!

Lucky I was choosen to try this product
Written by Connie Bridges on Jun 8th 2022

I love the way this feels and smells. It's light and absorbs completely. I'm addicted!

Curated sampler set
Written by Julie on Jun 4th 2022

Awesome! What a great way to try this new product line and find some new favorites! Thank you so much for offering the sampler set!

Sample set review
Written by Ally Simonson on May 30th 2022

I’m so grateful for the sample set! I’m the type of person who is very skeptical about skincare products and scared to spend the extra money on trying new ones because there’s been so many times where I’ve done it and hated the product. I’ve been on spironalactone and birth control for 9 years for acne. Over the years I’ve tried stopping one at a time or both and my acne would come back. I started using all the skincare products in the sample set the same time I quit these medications again to try something new one last time and my skin is flawless! I’ve been wanting to go a natural route for YEARS and I’m so happy and relieved to have finally found that. Thank you so much.

Sample set
Written by Nicole Bennett on Mar 5th 2022

Love everything in it and i have a list of products i am looking forward to order

Best decision ever
Written by Kate on Nov 12th 2021

I usually do not shop at this price point so I felt bad requesting samples, but I was desperate for anything to help with my dry skin - my face hurt so badly every winter. I decided to just go for it. I now consistently use BGG for my face- I don’t even shop around. Also the lip balm for my painful, splitting lips despite my addiction to water.

Written by Amber on Sep 8th 2021

I rarely leave comments on anything, but this warranted an exception! I love that you can try the products before you commit to a full size. I received the night repair balm sample and loved it so much that I ordered the full size within the same week! My skin is softer, less breakouts already, and the scarring from past breakouts is noticeably less. It really is amazing stuff!! Definitely worth the cost of shipping to try seven products! You won’t regret it!

Sample pack
Written by Bonnie Garbutt on May 16th 2021

This is a great way to test the products. I loved each one, especially the face balm!

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