DRYER BALLS - Alpaca Felt - Handcrafted on our Farm

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Our handmade felted Dryer Balls are a simple way to lower your toxic load. By switching your synthetic-laden dryer sheets for all-natural Alpaca Felt Dryer Balls, you’ll save money as well! Felt dryer balls can last for 800+ loads and/or many years, and are biodegradable.

Our Dryer Balls are handcrafted from the fleece of our own sustainably raised alpacas. They come in a variety of funky colors and asymmetrical shapes and sizes, depending on the fleece's staple length and fineness. Alpaca fleece is free of lanolin so it is a hypoallergenic alternative to sheep's wool. No dyes are ever added -- only natural colors!

So, how do they work?


  • Dryer balls help separate garments for wrinkle reduction, increased softness, and slightly decreased drying time.
  • Every order also includes a small sachet filled with coarse sea salt, which we find eliminates a good deal of static when added to dryer loads.
  • We recommend a set of 4 for small to medium loads and a set of 6 for large and extra large loads. We do a lot of laundry on our farm (large loads!) and do fine with a set of 4.
  • Using a set of 6 is best for slightly decreasing dry time.
  • When they're noticeably smaller in size and no longer seem to be reducing wrinkles it's time to give them to your pet as a chew toy or place them in your garden for mulch.
  • For a fresh scent, try adding a few drops of a pleasing essential oil.




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Dryer Balls
Written by Elizabeth A. on Dec 26th 2022

I’ve used buffalo gal alpaca dryer balls for 12 years now. Don’t even bother with any other kind of brand because they’re not worth it.

Dryer Balls
Written by Donna on Dec 25th 2022

These are the best way to get the chemicals, static and wrinkles out of your laundry. I’ve been using them for years and now I have purchased a few sets for giving as Christmas presents! (I’m thoughtful like that)

Love them!
Written by Kathleen on Dec 20th 2018

I have been using dryer balls for years now. I needed to replace my old ones. I have been using 6 since I do large tubs of clothes. These balls are larger than the ones I had. My clothes definitely dry much faster now. Thanks for the helpful hint on using salt in a sock. It works for me! Yay no more static.

useful works of art
Written by Lissa on Jul 19th 2018

These dryer balls soften fabrics, reduce wrinkles and decrease drying time and they are beautiful. I smile every time I see them when loading and unloading the dryer.

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