Hibiscus Tea Soap *NEW*

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Ingredients: Saponified grassfed tallow, pastured lard, shea butter, kombucha tea, castor oil, hibiscus flowers, sugar, ginger, allspice, alkanet root, and essential oils of allspice, ginger, and lime.

All the goodness of a Jamaican tea inspired soap.  Who doesn't love the refreshing pleasure of hibiscus tea, lightly sweetened with cane sugar and spiced with fresh ginger and allspice berries?  In America we enjoy it as a rare farmers market treat, but the islanders are onto something!  We converted this tasty pleasure into a lovely, satisfying soap.  And you know that gorgeous pink color found in hibiscus tea?  Well that's not here.  The oils in this soap turned from hibiscus pink into a deep purple tone, likely from the kombucha and sugar we presented up front in this blend.  (Shrugging . . . . who knew?)  Try this soap -- it's beautiful in every way.



Grassfed tallow

Pastured lard 

Shea butter

Kombucha Tea

Castor Oil

Hibiscus flowers

Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Ginger


Alkanet root

Essential oils of allspice, ginger, and lime.

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