Lavender Aloe Tallow Soap (~ 5 oz)

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Ingredients: Saponified tallow, aloe vera, Shea butter, sunflower oil, castor oil, Brazilian purple clay, lavender flower, lavender essential oil.


If you love lavender, this Lavender Aloe Soap is the one you've been dreaming about!  Lavender-infused tallow, fresh aloe vera leaf (gel and juice from our farm), and the natural color of Brazilian purple clay make for an attractive, FRESH smelling, super soothing soap.  Excellent for both face and body.  

We make it so pure and basic -- free of harsh surfactants, dyes, detergents or anything synthetic.  Your great grandmother would approve!


These soaps as best kept on a soap saver.  



Natural Ingredients for Skincare

Grassfed Buffalo Tallow

Shea Butter

Castor Oil 

Aloe Vera

Sunflower Oil

Brazilian Purple Clay

Lavender Flowers

Lavender Essential Oil



About Soap Making

Curious about the chemistry behind soap making? "Saponification" refers to the chemical reaction between fat and lye that results in the formation of glycerin and soap. Saponification occurs when, first, three molecules of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) are dissolved in water (H2O) and are split apart, which results in three sodium ions (Na) and three hydroxyl groups (OH). Second, a triglyceride (fat) molecule (C3H5(COOR)3) is split apart through hydrolysis, which results in a free glycerol (C3H5) and three fatty acid tails (COOR). Third, the hydroxyl groups all bond to the free glycerol to form a molecule of glycerin. Fourth, the three fatty acids each bond with one of the three sodium ions to form three molecules of soap (3NaCOOR). When the ingredients have completed the saponification process, one molecule of glycerin will be present for each three molecules of soap; no molecules of lye (sodium hydroxide) remain in the soap—they have all been split apart and used to form the soap molecules and glycerin.


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Smells great
Written by Crystyl Craig on Dec 20th 2020

I got this In the lavender bundle I ordered and also in the dry/maturing skin bundle and I really like it. I have sensitive skin and haven’t had any issues using this. My skin feels great and I love how my bathroom smells after using this

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