LIP WHIP .25 oz pot - DISCONTINUED! 2 flavors left!

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Ingredients: Basic list: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, essential oils or 100% organic flavor. See individual flavor's list in description below.

We are making some changes around here and that means getting rid of as much plastic as possible.  So, unfortunately, our Lip Whips in plastic pots must go.  Yes, we could switch over to glass but we're finding the current glass shortage to cause more headaches than solutions.  Cardboard for this product doesn't work so well.  We still have our popular Tallow Lip Balms and once we have used up our supply of plastic tubes we will switch them over to a nice, easy to use cardboard tube.  Two flavors left of Lip Whips: Berry-Lime and Raw Honey.  Get yours before they're gone!  


Don't just lube your lips, help them heal! Break the cycle of constantly applying commercial lip balms (even natural ones) and give Lip Whip a whirl! What's our secret? Tallow is your answer to years of fruitlessly searching through lip products that don't work! This magic ingredient gives lasting moisture to your lips, and thanks to lipids that are similar to that in our own skin, it actually heals.


Natural Ingredients for Skincare


Grassfed Tallow — Homegrown and in-house rendered, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. Tallow is highly emollient and naturally antimicrobial.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil — Coconut oil is an excellent source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), promotes healthy, silky skin, and is highly emollient on his own.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils  

100% Organic Flavor Oil - Nothing synthetic or artificial!  These natural flavors are very concentrated distillates from food, made much the same way as essential oils, only more concentrated. 

Naked Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil. 

Berry-Lime (Kissable pink tint) Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, berry blend flavor oil, keylime essential oil, and alkanet root.

Honey features raw honey from a local Georgia farm.  Honey is mineral rich and a natural humectant, drawing moisture to your lips.  Ingredients:  Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, and raw honey.

Peppermint is especially soothing for those suffering from fever sores and blisters. Peppermint essential oil is cooling for the pain associated with this condition and can assist in keeping the sore microbe free and protected, not to mention speeding up repair of nerve tissue!  Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, peppermint essential oil.

Vanilla - Nutmeg Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, raw honey, vanilla extract, nutmeg extract. 






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Tallow Lip Whip
Written by Kayla on Sep 18th 2021

I bought the berry lime scent and I absolutely love it! Smells nice and makes my lips feel so smooth.

Lip Whip
Written by Kretta on Apr 4th 2021

I ordered the berry-lime and vanilla. Enjoy both. Each has a bit different texture, and like most tallow products works best if your fingers are dry. I like the shine each gives. the Berry-lime seems to last just a bit longer than the vanilla one. My lips are soft and do not dry out like they did with lipstick/gloss.

Written by Patricia Black on Jan 25th 2021

I love the lip whip. I bought the berry flavor. I love the smell and texture and how well it works on my lips.

Saved my dry lips!
Written by Christina on Jan 13th 2021

This lip whip is so hydrating and smells great. I have used many different natural lip balms but they never worked well for me. I finally tried the lip whip in Vanilla-Nutmeg and Mocha and they both smell SO good. Mocha is my favorite. The buffalo tallow really hydrates my lips and I think that is what makes it work compared to my other lip balms that had beeswax. Plus Shalley has great customer service! Thanks for a great product!

Peppermint lip whip
Written by Stephanie on Dec 23rd 2019

This lip whip is amazing! It’s so light and makes my lips feel soft and smooth and has a slight tingling sensation that feels nice. I will definitely buy more!

Luxurious lips
Written by Samantha on Nov 30th 2019

I really like the lip wip. I put it on my lips at night. When I wake up my lips feel really good. I like that it lasts all night and provides great protection and moisture. Several times when I have woken up in the night I still feel it on my lips. I like the different scents and I like that the scents are not overwhelming.

Luxurious Lips Ahead
Written by Jenn C on Nov 18th 2019

I love all the ones I have tried, but the raw honey is my favorite! My lips feel comfortable and soft, and I don't have to reapply every 20 minutes like I have with other lip balms.

Written by Amy on Oct 12th 2019

I'm the type of person that won't leave the house without chapstick. One application of lip whip and my lips are moisturized for hours. My favorite is the Berry-Lime. It leaves your lips with a very natural and pretty pink tint. Perfect if you want a little color but don't really like wearing lipstick.

It's Great!
Written by Kirsten Hogan on Mar 8th 2019

This stuff soaks into my lips so fast! I keep mine in my purse in case of emergencies, or for whenever I just want to enjoy how nice it smells. I have the mocha scent and after leaving my last barista job I do miss the smell the most. This one smells just like the delicious smell of a fully saturated coffee shop. This balm lasts a long time before needing to reapply as well

Love the naked lip balm!
Written by Heather on Feb 26th 2019

This has been the first lip product I’ve used that has healed my lips. It feels great too! Can’t wait to try other scents.

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