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Ingredients: Basic list: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, essential oils or 100% organic natural flavor. See individual flavor's list in description below.

Don't just lube your lips, help them heal! Break the cycle of constantly applying commercial lip balms (even natural ones) and give Lip Whip a whirl! What's our secret? Tallow is your answer to years of fruitlessly searching through lip products that don't work! This magic ingredient gives lasting moisture to your lips, and thanks to lipids that are similar to that in our own skin, it actually heals.


Natural Ingredients for Skincare


Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow — Rendered from our family’s herd of water buffalo, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. Be sure to read about the amazing benefits of our 100% grassfed tallow here.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil — Coconut oil is an excellent source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), promotes healthy, silky skin, and is highly emollient on his own.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Except Naked, Honey, and Mango.)  

100% Organic Flavor Oil - Not synthetic or artificial!  These natural flavors are very concentrated distillates from food, made much the same way as essential oils, only more concentrated. 

Naked Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil. 

Berry-Lime (when available) Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, raw honey, berry blend flavor oil, and keylime essential oil.

Mocha Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, coffee, and vanilla essential oil.

Honey features raw honey from local Georgia farms.  Honey is mineral rich and a natural humectant, drawing moisture to your lips.  Ingredients:  Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, raw honey.

Peppermint is especially soothing for those suffering from fever sores and blisters. Peppermint essential oil is cooling for the pain associated with this condition and can assist in keeping the sore microbe free and protected, not to mention speeding up repair of nerve tissue!  Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, peppermint essential oil.

Mango Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, raw honey, organic mango flavor. 

Vanilla - Nutmeg Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic virgin coconut oil, raw honey, vanilla extract, nutmeg extract. 






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It's Great!
Written by Kirsten Hogan on Mar 8th 2019

This stuff soaks into my lips so fast! I keep mine in my purse in case of emergencies, or for whenever I just want to enjoy how nice it smells. I have the mocha scent and after leaving my last barista job I do miss the smell the most. This one smells just like the delicious smell of a fully saturated coffee shop. This balm lasts a long time before needing to reapply as well

Love the naked lip balm!
Written by Heather on Feb 26th 2019

This has been the first lip product I’ve used that has healed my lips. It feels great too! Can’t wait to try other scents.

Love the scents!
Written by Kristen on May 17th 2018

My lips tend to get pretty dry, especially in winter, but the lip whips make them feel much better. It's great to know that I'm putting nourishing ingredients on my skin too. I especially love the vanilla-nutmeg and mocha scents!

Love it!!!
Written by Liz on Dec 6th 2017

This lip balm is amazing!! It smells so good and it leaves my lips feeling smooth. It is not sticky which is amazing!!! Love it!!! Also feel good letting my young daughter use it because the ingredients are so amazing! I have tried peppermint, honey and naked. Can't wait to try the others!

Lip whip
Written by Kayleigh on Nov 20th 2017

I love this lip balm! It goes on super smooth and leaves your lips soft and hydrated without being too heavy or sticky. The vanilla nutmeg smells just like egg nog so it's a perfect holiday balm.

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