Special Batch - ORANGE DREAM Buffalo Milk Soap (~ 5 oz)

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Just in time for summer!  Brighten your mood while nurturing your skin with this farm fresh tangerine milk soap.  This rich and creamy soap feels wonderful on element ravaged summer skin while imparting a faint hint of tangerine.  Soap made from properly raised animal fats are not only traditional, but truly luxurious, especially with the addition of buffalo milk.  Our ancestors relied on them for every day use!   



Saponified oils: pastured lard, palm oil (ethically sourced), grassfed tallow, grassfed ghee, and organic sunflower oil; buffalo milk, organic orange juice, organic carrot juice, tangerine rind oil, and organic aloe vera.  

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Written by Ali K. on Sep 15th 2021

The soaps I've bought here are SO good. This one smells amazing and leaves my skin really soft and hydrated. I don't even really feel the need to use lotion afterward.

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