TALLOW LIP BALM .13 oz tube - 5 flavors - New Formulation Coming Soon!

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Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, grassfed ghee, lanolin wax, and organic flavor (except Virgin).

Don't just lube your lips . . . heal them!  A longstanding lip balm "addiction" is what led our founder, Shalley, to search long and hard for a natural ingredient that provides lasting relief for dry and dehydrated lips.  In fact, our brand was launched because of the eventual discovery of such an ingredient -- tallow!  

Ever noticed how petroleum based lip products (Chapstick, Carmex, etc.) feel so soothing at first and then must be constantly reapplied?  That's because those products break down the skin on your lips . . .  by design.  That makes you a perpetual buyer of these products.    

Why do we believe we have a truly great lip balm? Tallow, in combination with other deeply nourishing animal fats is your answer to years of fruitlessly searching through lip products that don't work. This practical blend gives lasting moisture to your lips, and thanks to lipids that are similar to that in our own human skin, it actually heals.

Instead of using potent essential oils, we scent our lip balms with 100% natural and organic flavor extracts.  These flavor oils are distilled without anything artificial, synthetic, nor toxic!  We hope you like our little "cocktail party" of flavors (including one unflavored) as much as we do.  Because these flavor oils are completely natural, you may find the scent is faint or gradually dissipates.  

We at last arrived at an ingredient list for our lip balms that is simple and practical: Grassfed tallow, grassfed ghee, lanolin wax, and organic flavor.

In keeping with our goal for more sustainable packaging, we are now using 30% recycled plastic tubes.  We tried to switch over to a biodegradable cardboard tube for our lip balms, but find they don't hold up after being in our pocket or purse for as long as we would like. 


100% Organic Flavors include: Virgin (unflavored), Sangria, Limoncello, Peach Daiquiri, and Grasshopper (mint chocolate).



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Best formula yet!
Written by Tara on Oct 14th 2021

I’ve tried the previous lip balm formulas, and they were good; but this one is GREAT! It’s so smooth, and the lanolin really gives it ‘staying power’ without being waxy like most other lip balms made with beeswax. The unscented literally smells like nothing. I was a little worried about that because I actually don’t like the natural smell of ghee or tallow. I got a slight crack in my lip the other day…I put some of this balm on and within an hour it was completely healed! This is the best lip balm, and I’ve bought a TON of natural ones. The only thing that would make it absolutely perfect would be plastic free packaging. Other than that, I give it 10/10 stars!

Love this lip balm!
Written by Christina on Jan 13th 2021

This lip balm is the only natural lip balm that works for me! The buffalo tallow is so hydrating and I love how the flavors are all natural. The Limoncello smells great. I suffered from dry lips until I started using this! I also love the Lip Whips.

So smooth
Written by Crystyl Craig on Dec 20th 2020

I am addicted to blistex but wanted to try this because it’s more natural and I’m loving all of the tallow products I’ve tried. I got the lemoncello flavor and it’s sooo good. My lips are feeling smooth and moisturized and it taste good too.

Better than Burts Bees
Written by Amy on Sep 17th 2020

I have very dry skin and I go through a lot of lip balm. I reapply about every 1-2 hours. If I strictly use this lip balm, I don't need to reapply as often. I highly recommend this lip balm.

Finally, a natural lip balm without waxes!
Written by Tara on May 1st 2020

I just received my lip balm tube, plus one of the Lip Whips....I LOVE them both! I’ve used many organic lip balms for years, and yet I still have dry lips. I didn’t realize that the waxes were actually drying out my lips even more. These tallow based lip balms are so smooth and creamy! I personally think the Sangria flavor smells like grape bubblegum that I used to chew when I was little. It’s my favorite scent out of the three that I ordered. I’ll definitely be back for more when I run low on these, as well as trying some other products. Thank you!

Tallow Lip Balm
Written by Barbara Love on Feb 27th 2020

I purchased several different flavors of the lip balm for Christmas presents for my co-workers and they loved them. Sharing the Buffalo Gal love.

Amazing lip balm
Written by Stephanie on Dec 23rd 2019

I just received the lip balm a few days ago and I’m already in love! It takes a little getting used to the soft consistency and I think I used a bit too much initially because a tiny bit goes a long way. Makes my lips feel soft and look more smooth and it doesn’t need to be reapplies often. I already ordered more for myself and a few family members!

Great product!
Written by Becky on Dec 13th 2019

I'm an avid user of lip balms. I have used many many different kinds and was using Burts Bees before trying this tallow balm. I truly love it and it keep my lips moisturized for hours! I recommend it!

Feels great
Written by Samantha on Nov 30th 2019

I have used the lip wip for a while and really like it. I like the convenience of the tubes over the containers of the lip wip.

Smells and Feels Great
Written by Jenn C on Nov 18th 2019

Not only does the lemon smell amazing, but my lips feel so smooth and soft when I wear this balm!

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