shalley-buffalo-gal.jpgWhen our founder, Shalley Carrell, sought a solution for her sun-damaged skin, she didn’t need to look beyond her backyard. The water buffalo that graze at Carrell Farms have some of the most nutrient-dense grass-fed tallow on the planet—a perfect base for her line of nourishing skincare.

Never heard of tallow? This fat is very similar to the oils produced on our own skin. That makes it easily absorbed and balancing for even the oiliest skin. It’s the perfect nourishing balm for skin and star of Buffalo Gal’s all-natural skincare line.

Water buffalo are more than grass fed—they eat lots of different wild grasses and other vegetation. That means unlike beef, their tallow contains a huge range of skin-healing nutrients.

Translation? Tallow makes your skin thrive.

Buffalo Gal specializes in artisan balms, creams  and soaps for sensitive, aging, damaged and dry skin. Our home-grown tallow is your skin’s multivitamin.

To this amazing base, we add uniquely nourishing ingredients like essential oils, plant fats and natural anti-inflammatories. We’re all about making your skin the softest, healthiest and dewiest it’s ever been.



Sourcing our Tallow

buffalo-gal-tallow-sourcing.jpgWhen we say our tallow is home grown, we mean it!

Our small family farm in Monroe, Georgia, is the only source for our farm-to-face tallow. It’s a magical place where we practice regenerative agriculture and graze our water buffalo, sheep and alpaca on the grass they’re meant to eat. It’s also the reason we’re so passionate about skincare—working a farm is tough on skin!

Your support means we can continue to farm in a way that helps the environment and is healthy for our animals. We’re so thankful for you!

Our farming methods result is incredibly healthy, happy animals that produce amazing ingredients for our skincare. When you hang with us, you’ll see snaps of skincare, but plenty of details about life on the farm, too!

Feel free to contact Shalley, the Buffalo Gal herself, with any questions you may have: or fill out the form on the Contact page.