Nothing is more basic to caring for our human skin than soap.  Soap is naturally antibacterial and traditionally made with biocompatible animal fats.  

We make our soaps in-house!  By now, you may know our founder, Shalley, is obsessed with natural ingredients.  So we pack our soaps, just like we do our other tallow based skincare products, with as many good ingredients as we can while keeping our formulas pure and effective.  

Our soap bars are big and chunky and made with so much fun and love.  Give them a try!  

Carefully crafted using traditional soap-making techniques, our tallow soap is truly something special. Our ancestors made soap from animal fats and cold ashes. We’ve refined this process to create a smooth, silky, moisturizing bar that’s perfect for face and body.

Enjoy them as you would a normal bath bar, and let the simple luxury of the experience surprise you.  These soaps are free of artificial scents, detergents, and harsh surfactants, making them a truly healthy choice for your whole family.    




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