Carnivore Soap (~ 5 oz)

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We call this unscented bar Carnivore's Soap because it is made from only pure animal fats and a smidgen of honey for a gentle lather.  Soap made from the fats of properly raised animals are not only traditional, but truly luxurious.  Our ancestors relied on them for every day use!

Note: Some batches may feel a little slippery.  This slip is from beneficial retained glycerins that will hydrate your skin. 

Our tallow is from our own grassfed ruminants and/or sourced from local grassfed beef producers.  When we say "grassfed" we mean 100% grass fed and finished.  We render all suet in house. 

Our leaf lard is also rendered in house, sourced from a local pork producer whose pigs are raised outdoors with access to sunshine and fresh water.  This is important for the animals' well being as well as the absorption of transdermal vitamin D that is transferred to the fat.

We cook our ghee in house, sourced from pastured, grassfed cows.  When not available, we purchase ghee from Carrington Farms. 

Emu oil is purchased from small USA farms.  

Honey is sourced from local Georgia beekeepers.  



Saponified pastured lard, grassfed tallow, grassfed ghee, pure emu oil; raw honey. 

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Life Changing
Written by Rhapsody on Jun 22nd 2023

I have very sensitive skin. Over the years I had to stop using most cosmetic products on the market due to metal and chemical allergies. My only option for a long time was to use Dr. Bronner's baby soap because it was the only thing that didn't cause me to breakout into hives. However after long term use it dried out my skin & hair. So I gave the Carnivore Soap and Hyaluronic Conditioner a shot and I'm shocked. My hair/skin is the healthiest it's ever been with only 1 month of use. No itchy scalp, hives or acne. Thank you so much for making these products. They've genuinely changed my life. <3

Carnivore soap
Written by Tina on May 29th 2023

Really nice and moisturizing - cleans thoroughly yet leaves skin soft and hydrated.

Carnivore soap
Written by Tina Kaval Woodin on May 26th 2023

Leaves my skin clean soft and hydrated. Not tight and dry like when I use regular store bought soap.

Best Soap!
Written by Monty on May 26th 2023

Yes, yes, yes! This is a great soap. I look forward to using it every day. Smells a little bit like roasted honey. Lathers well and doesn't dry my skin out.

Carnivore Soap
Written by Torbin on Apr 30th 2023

I have been doing the Carnivore diet for almost a year and I'm so happy to find a skincare company that aligns with my lifestyle! I love this soap -- perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. Smells lightly of honey - delicious!

Love it
Written by Robyn on Mar 18th 2023

I've been using tallow soap for years, this is hands down the most luxurious, creamy, beautiful soap I've ever used. I have issues with dry skin and eczema and this leaves my skin soft and soothed. It's such a treat to use, I now want to buy a bar for my mom to try. I will absolutely repurchase this soap

Amazing Soap!
Written by Liana on Jan 17th 2023

Wow! Amazing soap. Thank you SO SO MUCH. My skin thanks you.

Carnivore's Soap
Written by Silvia on Dec 29th 2022

I love how nourishing this soap is. During the winter time I used to have cracked skin on my hands. Since I use Carnivore's Soap my hands are smooth without any wounds.

Several products I’ve bought
Written by Drew Greenwell on Dec 12th 2022

Figured I’d do a review on everything I’ve purchased. I purchased the carnivore’s soap for my face and body. Got the shampoo bar along with the acv rinse which I also use the bar and rinse on my beard as well. Didn’t see too many male reviews but I can’t say enough about these products. Will def buy again. I also purchased the tallow and emu balm, along with the lip balm. Now my wife wants to use everything I’ve bought. Thank u Shalley for such great products. Just recently started eating an animal based diet and wanted to move away from shampoos, soaps, and lotions with chemicals.

No More Psoriasis!
Written by WL on Nov 5th 2022

After committing to using BGGB's Special Batch Carnivore's soap, my underarm and chest psoriasis (which I've had for YEARS due to autoimmune challenges) has gone away completely. Without the chemicals and fragrances of your average soap, this tallow/animal-based soap is gentle on my skin and keeps me feeling cleaner than ever before. Now that I understand why this soap works so much better than anything I've ever used before, I know it's not a miracle, but it sure feels like one!

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