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Ingredients: Sodium tallowate, distilled water, organic flavor, sodium bicarbonate, pearl, diatomaceous earth and hydroxyapatite.

Don't worry, our Tooth Brushing Soap is so much more enjoyable than "washing your mouth out with soap!" This soap just for teeth leaves your mouth squeaky clean and refreshed. Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Tooth Brushing Soap is totally unique. Instead of coating your teeth, it allows your gums to repair themselves and your enamel to re-mineralize on its own. It’s ideal for sensitive teeth and fights plaque causing bacteria with its high pH. And of course, it’s naturally antibacterial to knock out bad breath and naturally whiten teeth with the added help of baking soda. You’ll feel the difference the very first time you brush!

You may wonder about popular natural toothpaste ingredients we opted not to include.  Charcoal is one of them.  Dentists with whom we've consulted caution against tiny charcoal particles becoming lodged in gum tissue and causing infection.  We chose also not to include xylitol.  While it is known for attaching to and sweeping away harmful bacteria (plus providing a sweet taste), we find it to be irritating to gums.  Besides, we wanted a product devoid of sweet tastes so that it's friendly to our keto and carnivore customers.

At this time we do not recommend this product for children.  Swallowing this product may cause an upset stomach.  We are working on another formulation that is appropriate for children and very sensitive mouths!  

Directions:  Use the tip of a dry toothbrush to scoop out a pea-sized portion.  Wet brush and brush as normal, being careful not to swallow.  Rinse and enjoy a clean mouth like never before!  Note:  This product is not preserved so it is important to keep it dry.  If your toothbrush is not dry, use a small spoon to scoop instead.

Key Ingredients for Natural Oral Care:

Sodium Tallowate (tallow soap) — Animal fats are superior in every way for personal care products and this is true for soap as well.  The process of saponification is simply a traditional method of turning fat into soap which lends a wonderful lather and superior cleansing ability to this tooth paste. 

Sodium Bicarbonate - When it came to selecting a gentle, tooth-whitening abrasive, we explored the many options and came to the conclusion that we needed to look no further than good ole baking soda.  It whitens and brightens teeth without harming enamel.

Diatomaceous Earth - Comprised of silica, diatomaceous earth helps remineralize teeth and helps remove plaque and tarter.  It also helps prevent or improve the condition of gum disease and gingivitis.

Hydroxyapatite - A bioavailable form of the calcium mineral that your body can use to repair itself, supporting the rigidity of teeth.  Hydroxyapatite makes up 90% of the foundation of tooth enamel. 

Pearl Powder - Provides additional gentle abrasion for whiter teeth.





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It works well
Written by K on Mar 4th 2023

My teeth look and feel great with this tooth soap.

My Teeth Feel So Strong
Written by Greg C. on Dec 22nd 2022

My teeth feel so strong. I used to use Crest 3D White. My teeth were always sensitive but now I feel like that was a lifetime ago. Little weird, but the first time I used it, it moisturized my mouth and lips to the point where I don’t carry around Vaseline. It also whitened my teeth more than Dr. Squatch’s Nighttime toothpaste (very high quality toothpaste but my body just agrees with this more).

tooth brushing soap
Written by Susan on Nov 11th 2022

I am almost out of my tooth brushing soap and I absolutely love it and hope it is back in stock soon! my teeth have never been so white and beautiful and I am almost 60! The dentist wants to know what I am doing for my teeth and skin to be aging backwards and I told her I eat meat and I put cow and pig fat on my skin and brush with it too! Awesome products at Buffalogalgrassfed :-) I love it all!!

Tooth Brushing soap
Written by Betty Oberring on Mar 6th 2022

I'll admit, it was a little weird the first time I used it, but now I love it. My teeth feel so clean! And I love that there's no sweetness to it. It's great for someone who eats an animal-based diet.

Expected more :(
Written by Naomi on Feb 9th 2022

I wanted to love this, I really did...and in a way, I do love it. The ingredients are so clean and my mouth tastes great after using it! However, it makes my gums sting intensely. I wanted to give it a chance, but the more I use it, the more irritated my gums become, and pieces of gum have been falling off all throughout the week. Now, even rinsing with water stings my mouth. I've never had this happen with any toothpaste before, commercial or natural. So sad! :(

A new tooth brushing experience!
Written by Jeffry on Nov 25th 2021

I absolutely love Buffalo Gal's Tooth Brushing Soap. I wanted an alternative to all the fluoride toothpastes full of chemicals. This was a revelation. Who knew a soap based product could make my mouth feel so clean. However, it does make sense though, right? There is no film or coating on my teeth when I'm done, just clean. And, don't worry, just a little bit will foam up and fill you whole mouth with clean. Just remember to start with a dry toothbrush.

So fresh and so clean
Written by Mary on Sep 25th 2021

Love this tooth soap! I wear clear straightening aligners and this soap is great to get my teeth nice and clean after eating so I feel confident my teeth are 100% clean before putting them back on. Plus, I went to the dentist a few days ago and she said the ingredients in this tooth soap are really great because the foam up and get down in tight spaces and hard to reach areas to clean and remove buildup and they are not harsh or abrasive on teeth. I don’t think there are any product you all make that I wouldn’t like! These are my go to people for everything. Thanks for the great high quality products!!

Written by Chris Dunn on Aug 16th 2021

I’ve been using as many natural products as I can over the years. One thing I could not come across was a good natural toothpaste. I know plenty on the store shelves that are, but I still wasn’t finding one I really loved....until now! Leaves my mouth feeling refreshed and teeth super smooth. Will now be my go to toothpaste!

Tooth Brushing Soap
Written by Deborah on Oct 29th 2019

Using the Tooth Brushing Soap is a novel and satisfying experience. Thinking about buying more for gifts. Its a solid, not liquid rendering (pun intended) it TSA friendly so makes it an excellent addition to my flight bag.

Loving this tooth soap!
Written by Amber Trimble on Jun 12th 2019

I love the natural ingredients, the flavor is great and it leaves my teeth and mouth feeling so great! It's super easy to use, though different from conventional toothpaste, and works so well. Even my kids, who are super picky about what toothpaste they use like it. I am so glad I bought 3 containers! I think from now on this is all I will be using to clean my mouth and teeth.

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