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Ingredients: Sodium tallowate, distilled water, organic flavor, sodium bicarbonate, pearl, diatomaceous earth and hydroxyapatite.
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Don't worry, our Tooth Brushing Soap is so much more enjoyable than "washing your mouth out with soap!" This soap just for teeth leaves your mouth squeaky clean and refreshed. Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Tooth Brushing Soap is totally unique. Instead of coating your teeth, it allows your gums to repair themselves and your enamel to re-mineralize on its own. It’s ideal for sensitive teeth and fights plaque causing bacteria with its high pH. And of course, it’s naturally antibacterial to knock out bad breath and naturally whiten teeth with the added help of baking soda. You’ll feel the difference the very first time you brush!

You may wonder about popular natural toothpaste ingredients we opted not to include.  Charcoal is one of them.  Dentists with whom we've consulted caution against tiny charcoal particles becoming lodged in gum tissue and causing infection.  We chose also not to include xylitol.  While it is known for attaching to and sweeping away harmful bacteria (plus providing a sweet taste), we find it to be irritating to gums.  Besides, we wanted a product devoid of sweet tastes so that it's friendly to our keto and carnivore customers.

At this time we do not recommend this product for children.  Swallowing this product may cause an upset stomach.  We are working on another formulation that is appropriate for children and very sensitive mouths!  

Directions:  Use the tip of a dry toothbrush to scoop out a pea-sized portion.  Wet brush and brush as normal, being careful not to swallow.  Rinse and enjoy a clean mouth like never before!  Note:  This product is not preserved so it is important to keep it dry.  If your toothbrush is not dry, use a small spoon to scoop instead.

Key Ingredients for Natural Oral Care:

Sodium Tallowate (tallow soap) — Animal fats are superior in every way for personal care products and this is true for soap as well.  The process of saponification is simply a traditional method of turning fat into soap which lends a wonderful lather and superior cleansing ability to this tooth paste. 

Sodium Bicarbonate - When it came to selecting a gentle, tooth-whitening abrasive, we explored the many options and came to the conclusion that we needed to look no further than good ole baking soda.  It whitens and brightens teeth without harming enamel.

Diatomaceous Earth - Comprised of silica, diatomaceous earth helps remineralize teeth and helps remove plaque and tarter.  It also helps prevent or improve the condition of gum disease and gingivitis.

Hydroxyapatite - A bioavailable form of the calcium mineral that your body can use to repair itself, supporting the rigidity of teeth.  Hydroxyapatite makes up 90% of the foundation of tooth enamel. 

Pearl Powder - Provides additional gentle abrasion for whiter teeth.





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Written by Jackie on Oct 31st 2023

I'm impressed with this product for teeth! I've been looking for something without xylitol and this does the trick. Great tooth brushing experience -- you gotta try it.

Great Product!
Written by Mark T. on Oct 30th 2023

The Tooth Brushing Soap is an interesting concept, but I like it. So far, so good. Nice texture, foams nicely, and leaves my mouth super clean. Great product!

Best Tooth Product!
Written by Mandy K. on Oct 24th 2023

I have been using the tooth soap for over 6 months and it is hands down my favorite natural toothpaste. It's easy to scoop out and it doesn't make my teeth more sensitive like powders do. My dentist said not to use charcoal toothpastes because it can get stuck in gum tissue and cause problems so I am glad there is none in this product. Highly recommend!

Broken tooth and cavities
Written by S on Oct 19th 2023

I wanted to love this. I bought three off the bat because it took forever to come into stock and I hate paying for shipping. Big mistake. I used it for three months. My tooth chipped off and I have a ton of cavities. My gums were also burning if I brushed for over a minute. Sadly one tub used and two idk what to do with. Buy with caution ? I am gonna say I love the conditioner and shampoo bar. But this is a hard no for me.

This stuff rocks
Written by James T. on Oct 6th 2023

After using the Tooth Brushing Soap for a few days my teeth are already whiter and cleaner. I don't mind that it is soap. It took a bit of getting used to but it's not sweet and it doesn't leave a film in my mouth. Great product!

Less ingredients the better!
Written by Chan on Oct 6th 2023

Im trying to go as toxic free/less ingredients as I can these days and this tooth brush soap makes the list. It’s a little on the soapy size but you adjust to the flavor over time. Thanks again!

Toothbrushing cream
Written by Trish on Aug 31st 2023

Great product. Alittlr soapy tasting this time, but leave teeth nice and smooth. They feel clean. You don't need alot.

BEST Toothpaste around!
Written by LLP on Jun 24th 2023

Everything you need for a healthy mouth and teeth with nothing you don’t! I love the taste, it foams like traditional toothpaste, and it’s not messy like tooth powders. Perfect!

Tooth soap WOOOWWWW
Written by Joy on Mar 29th 2023

I have sensitive teeth and receding gums, so I can’t do whitening strips etc. I just got the tooth soap and it feels GREAT and whitened them so much (I brushed them twice cuz I was so amazed). I can tell it invigorated my gums too. HIGHLY recommend

It works well
Written by K on Mar 4th 2023

My teeth look and feel great with this tooth soap.

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