Unscented Tallow Soap (~ 5 oz)

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Basic Ingredients: Saponified tallow, organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic extra virgin castor oil.

We are amazed by how many customers love these humble soaps!  Our Unscented Tallow Soaps are pure and basic, free of anything toxic or questionable.  It is the kind of soap your great grandmother would have made in her own kitchen.

No ingredient is more traditional for soap making than tallow.  Including olive oil and castor oil in our formula lowers the overall cleansing number while increasing bubbles.  This makes for a milder, more luxurious soap! 

Calendula Flower Tallow Soap is ultra soothing for sensitive skin and ideal for babies.  It is made with both organic calendula tea and calendula infused olive oil.   

Charcoal & Green Clay Tallow Soap is the perfect bar for deep cleansing.  Anyone suffering from acne, oily skin, clogged or enlarged pores, or who prefer a soap that leaves their skin more on the "squeaky clean" feeling side will love it!  

Our soap bars last up to 60 days for one person as long as only hands are used to lather and it is kept on a soap saver.


Ingredients for Natural Skincare:

Saponified grassfed tallow, organic virgin olive oil, and organic virgin castor oil.

Calendula Flower includes and infusion and addition of organic calendula flowers.

Charcoal & Green Clay includes the addition of activated charcoal and French Green Clay.


About Soap Making

Curious about the chemistry behind soap making? "Saponification" refers to the chemical reaction between fat and lye that results in the formation of glycerin and soap. Saponification occurs when, first, three molecules of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) are dissolved in water (H2O) and are split apart, which results in three sodium ions (Na) and three hydroxyl groups (OH). Second, a triglyceride (fat) molecule (C3H5(COOR)3) is split apart through hydrolysis, which results in a free glycerol (C3H5) and three fatty acid tails (COOR). Third, the hydroxyl groups all bond to the free glycerol to form a molecule of glycerin. Fourth, the three fatty acids each bond with one of the three sodium ions to form three molecules of soap (3NaCOOR). When the ingredients have completed the saponification process, one molecule of glycerin will be present for each three molecules of soap; no molecules of lye (sodium hydroxide) remain in the soap—they have all been split apart and used to form the soap molecules and glycerin.


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Tallow Soap
Written by Brad Wise on Oct 24th 2022

We love the clean ingredients and tallow in the soaps. We not only use it on ourselves, but our baby as well.

Simply Unscented Tallow Soap
Written by Duane Elizabeth on Jan 22nd 2022

I love this soap. It's rich and creamy and doesn't dry my skin. It also lasts a long time.

Gentle and Moisturizing
Written by the808island on Jan 3rd 2022

This bar is huge and easy to use. Definitely recommend an a soap holder to air dry it afterward use (as advised in the description). The soap, like any other bar soap will be softer on the bottom if not dried well so it may decrease its lifespan. Otherwise, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moist after use. I recommend it for anyone suffering from dry and/or sensitive skin.

Safe for eczema
Written by Jay on Dec 10th 2021

This soap is great. It's creamy and lathers well. It's safe for eczema and other skin issues as well. The bar lasts surprisingly long.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
Written by Nell on Dec 5th 2021

LOVE our new shampoo and conditioner bars. I ordered these in hopes that my sensory sensitive child would clean her hair without the slimy soap feeling. Not only does she like the bars better but her hair feels very clean and healthy! I’m so thankful for these!

Unscented soap
Written by Julie bomberry on Oct 17th 2021

I love this soap, and will probably never go back. After about 6 uses I've noticed a difference in my skin. My strawberry bumps on my arms are gone, my thick dry skin on my diabetic feet are improving amazingly and my scaly elbows are gone as well. I've told my bf about this and his going to start using the soap too as soon as his current one is out. Thanks so much for the great product I'm very pleased!

Excellent soap!
Written by Chris Dunn on Aug 16th 2021

I’m really loving this soap. It has become my favorite since I tried the first one. Thanks for a wonderful product!!!!

Written by Mattalynn on Apr 6th 2021

This soap is perfection. The complete natural ingredients and Tallow all in one is seriously so amazing for your skin! Ever since I have started using this, my skin is no longer getting dry after my showers. Commercial products sold at stores have so many drying ingredients for your skin along with severely toxic. All natural is the way to go especially with such an amazing product like tallow. Thank you for producing such amazing products!

Simply Unscented Soap
Written by Bethe on Dec 4th 2018

I’ve been using Buffalo Gal Simply Unscented Soap for years. I love it...it’s my most favorite soap. I have sensitivities to chemicals and many fragrances. This soap is perfect for me.

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