I’ve never heard of tallow balms. How should I get started with Buffalo Gal?

Our sets for Normal, Oily and Maturing skin are the best way to get started with tallow. They follow our recommended Cleanse-Tone-Nourish formula for skin that is clean, balanced and glowing.

Do your products smell like beef?
In general, no. We also use a range of essential oils to add natural scents to our balms, and our fans are totally obsessed with the way our products smell!

Our tallow is rendered only from the cavity fat, which is very pure. We find that buffalo tallow smells cleaner than beef tallow, but very sensitive olfactory systems may detect that it's an animal fat. Just remember that it's nutrients that you're smelling, especially the Omega-3 fatty acids!

Do you offer samples?  I want to make sure I like this product first.

Sure, we offer a Curated Sample Set found in the Sets category! We want you to feel satisfied you’re making a purchase you’ll absolutely love.  The samples are free of charge.  You only pay $7 for the cost of the shipping materials and postage.  Be sure to tell us about your skin in the Notes at checkout and if there is a particular product you want to try and we will select samples we think will be a good fit for you.  Click here to order!

Can I buy plain tallow so I can make my own products?
We carefully calibrate our manufacturing based on our own farm’s supply of grass-fed tallow. This process means we honor our animals by using as much of them as possible. It also means that we don’t have enough supply to sell raw ingredients. Our products are completely artisanal, but we think the results are well worth it!

I have extreme allergies. Do you offer products for sensitive skin?

Yes! Many of our most enthusiastic clients are those with the most sensitive skin, food allergies, autoimmune conditions, etc. Our grass-fed water buffalo tallow is hypoallergenic, and we offer unscented products for very sensitive skin. In addition, many of our natural ingredients for skincare are healing for sensitive skin.

My child has eczema.  What do you recommend?
Our Mama's Love Eczema Blend or Tallow & Emu Balm are nourishing, soothing and beneficial for eczema. Anecdotally, our clients tell us these products make a big difference in their little ones’ level of comfort!

One of your products for Dry and Maturing skin doesn’t seem to absorb well into my skin. Why does it feel greasy?

You may simply have applied too much. A little really does go a long way with tallow products! Simply give your product more time to absorb and consider applying at night.  Remember to pat this balm onto your skin rather than rub.  Alternatively, exfoliating regularly can help with skin cell turnover and may help products absorb more readily.

What do you recommend for excessively oily skin or acne-prone skin?

Often, harsh cleansers strip these oils away, leaving the skin to overcorrect by producing too much oil. Oil cleansing is a profoundly healing alternative for oily skin. The principle of like-dissolving-like is hard at work when you oil cleanse, meaning you remove dirt, debris and buildup from your pores without stripping your skin of its natural moisture balance. We recommend our Cleansing Balm or Hot Oil Cleanse. If you’re unsure where to start, begin with our Oily Skin Set!