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Whether you are curious to try our simple Cleanse - Tone - Nourish skincare regimen or are choosing the most natural products for your skin type, you are in the right place!  Nutrient dense and balanced, this moisturizing set is built on the C-T-N (Cleanse - Tone - Nourish) process for calm, nourished skin.

Included in your BASICS Skin Set:

Your choice of


Toning Mist

Tallow Balm

Lip Balm

Konjac Sponge

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Fantastic Value
Written by Courtney on May 9th 2023

This set was a great value and fantastic way to try to some new products. I chose the following in my bundle: Milk & Honey Face Soap - a little goes a long way. It cleans deeply but gently - even cutting through the day's makeup application. Tallow & Emu Balm - this is a really fantastic, smooth and creamy balm. I warm a small amount in my palms and press into face. The hubby likes it for lip balm too. I read reviews about the smell being "poultry like" but I did not find any strong odor in the product. It agrees well with my eczema-prone skin. Hydrate Toner - This was something I wasn't sure I needed. But having the toner makes the balm go farther. And it is nice to use as a makeup setting spray too. My only wish is that the sprayer dispensed a more fine mist. But otherwise, it is a lovely and effective product. So grateful for these simple and effective skincare solutions! Keep up the great work, Shalley!

So far, so good
Written by Tammy on Mar 22nd 2023

I just received my kit about a week ago. I chose unscented products so I could customize with my own scents. I'm so excited to say my skincare is animal based! What I love: no breakout on switching! Many "clean" skincare products often warn of a transitional period when switching. My skin immediately felt better after the first use of the emu and tallow balm. And I haven't had any irritation from switching. The blacksoap facial cleanser didn't dry my skin either. So far, I'm hooked.

Great for My Skin
Written by Joy H. on Feb 14th 2023

This set is a dream for me! As the seasons change, so does my skin. It's dry in the winter and oily in the summer so I love that I can purchase this set to match my changing needs. It makes a great gift for friends and family, too!

great set!
Written by Kretta on Apr 4th 2021

I really like all these products! The soap leaves my face clean without drying it out. The brightening mist takes a bit of getting used to (smell), but I think it does brighten me up! The face cream leaves my face moisturized, soft, and balanced. The lavender smell is strong in the cream (In my head I was thinking lilac smell not lavender, I don't know why so it was a surprise for me). Within two days of using these products, I have stopped wearing make up other than mascara and whip lip. Highly recommend!

Normal to Oily Skin Set
Written by Stephanie on Oct 26th 2020

All I can say is WOW. This has really blown me away. I have been a 'skincare guru' snice high school (17 years ago) - I've tried it all, and have had good experiences. But THIS has really exceeded all my expectations, as it checked all my boxes. My pores are smaller, my oily skin isn't shiny by 3pm, my hormonal breakouts are gone. Even the skin by my eyes, which I've been distracted by this year, have completely changed - now hydrated and smooth. All of the products in this set are amazing - and my idea of skincare has completely changed for the better. Thank you!

Normal to Oily Skin Set
Written by Barbara Love on Apr 9th 2020

Restocking on my favorite skin cleansing products. Buffalo Gal products are the best! My skin looks and feels great. Thank you!

Normal /Oily Skin Set
Written by Barbara on Sep 18th 2018

Love the product and it works great for me!

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