BODY BUTTER - Solid Bar - Unscented (3 oz)

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Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, grassfed ghee, organic beeswax, and pastured lard.
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We switched our body butters over to a new format -- an easy to use, eco-friendlier lotion bar.  It is packaged in a biodegradable glassine bag.  We store our body butter bars in the bag and use it for travel, too!  

Our long lasting Body Butter Bar is our most luxurious product for all-over moisturizing with completely natural ingredients for skincare.  The grassfed tallow in our Unscented Body Butter is combined with other skin biome-friendly animal fats including grassfed ghee, pastured lard, and made solid with organic beeswax.  This body butter is ideal for anyone with sensitivities to coconut oil or scents.  The buttery scent of ghee and the slight sweetness of beeswax give it lovely aroma as it is.

Terrific for lips, cuticles, and as a deep treatment for hair, too! 

Tip: Variations in texture and solidity occur from batch to batch.  Seasonal temperature changes, humidity levels, and variations in the individual ingredients can impact how solid or "melty" these bars are.  If you find that your bar is a little too hard or "grabby" when you apply it, warm it on your skin for a full 5-10 seconds first.  Or, place in a 4 oz canning jar and gently warm it in a pan over low heat until softened.  If your bar is too soft and almost messy, do the same: place in a 4 oz canning jar and scoop it out with your fingers.  It's a good idea to melt your bar enough that you can put a lid on it -- creatures (insects and pets) love to eat it!   


Natural Ingredients for Skincare and Their Benefits

Grassfed Tallow — Homegrown and in-house rendered, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of our products.  It is naturally antimicrobial, easily absorbed, and highly emollient.  Read more about our tallow here.  

Grassfed Ghee — No dairy remains after the process of making ghee. Casein and lactose free!  It is very rich and smooth, full of fat soluble vitamins, CLA, and antioxidants.  Ghee is highly moisturizing and helps to rehydrate skin, too!

Pastured Lard- The best source of bioavailable Vitamin D we know of, pigs with access to sunshine absorb this super important vitamin and store it in their leaf fat.  We source this wonder fat from a local fellow farmer and render it in house. 

Organic Beeswax - Known in the skincare world to help maintain the skin's natural moisture level and ward off microbes, we use this honey-smelling wax to give our body butter bars a solid structure for easy handling.


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Love the soap bc it's very...
Written by Bb MENO on Apr 13th 2024

I have to lather the soap with another soap bc it's very sticky. Overall, it has helped my child with eczema so far

Written by sandi kasperski on Apr 5th 2024

Works great, especially just out of the shower!❤️

The moisturizer/ lotion Bar is to small for...
Written by JAMES FORD on Feb 18th 2024

The moisturizer/ lotion Bar is to small for price So was the shampoo and conditioner bar

Written by Sam Sutton on Jan 5th 2024

Really great for dry skin. At first I was worried about it being a bar but it goes on nicely after a hot shower! Only thing to note is that it definitely smells like butter :)

Great for guys
Written by Courtney on Aug 1st 2023

My first purchase of the unscented tallow body bar was hijacked by my husband - lol! He loves the formula (unscented). We keep one by each sink and have completely abandoned use of commercial/retail lotions, which now smell completely rancid to us. A bar used between the 2 of us lasts about 3 weeks. Thank you for the quality products, BGG! Looking forward to gifting these for Christmas. :)

Deep moisture
Written by Becky on Jan 26th 2021

If you have dry winter skin, give this a try! It doesn’t have a scent and feels great putting it on. I have made it a night time ritual of spending a little time to nourish my skin! A must have!

this stuff is awesome
Written by Joni Northcutt on May 5th 2020

I have used several of the body butters and this one is as great as the real scent but it moisturizes beautifully. My old skin loves how soft it feels afterwards. A little goes a long way so this jar lasts for months. LOVE IT- I also use several of the face creams and I love them too.

Super soft skin!
Written by Stephanie on Jan 29th 2020

This butter absorbs well and a tiny bit goes a long way so it will last for quite a while. It leaves my skin moisturized, soft, and glowing! I’m going to have to try the other formulations as well! I did end up adding some essential oil to cover the tallow scent (which is very mild; however, I decided I wanted a scented butter). If you’re unsure about this product, give it a try; you’re sure to be impressed!

Super hydration
Written by Michelle Rodriguez on Nov 12th 2019

Amazing product ! It was awesome on my skin. A little goes a long way. I know this cause I put too much lol ! But I felt so moisturized and hydrated and relieved from the itchy winter skin. I must say that I love the unscented so that it don't compete with my perfume. I love all the products on here. I have several items for the face but really needed some body care for this brutal winter. And I must say I am impressed thank you so much !!!!

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