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Example Solo Email


Title: My Secret to Dewy, Radiant Skin is...buffalo fat?

Dear [Name]

Ever considered putting animal fat on your face? Stick with me here, because your skin is going to LOVE this stuff...

Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite skincare lines, Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty. You know that I’m all about natural products that really work, and after a few months of using Buffalo Gal’s buffalo tallow-based products [optional: insert favorite product], I’m totally hooked!

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Are you really suggesting I smear buffalo fat on my face?”

I am! Tallow is very similar to the oils produced naturally by our skin, making it a perfect, balancing base for moisturizers. It’s so much richer than any plant-based skincare I’ve ever used!

But don’t worry, Buffalo Gal’s Tallow Balms smell nothing and look completely luxurious—nothing like you might imagine! Plus, Buffalo Gal’s line of products for maturing and sensitive skin are infused with unique essential oils and plant extracts that make them super powerful (and they smell amazing!).

This is true, nutrient-dense skincare made from real water buffalo tallow. The owner, Shalley, sources tallow from grass-fed water buffalo raised on her family’s small farm, then hand-crafts all the amazing skincare products in her line!

I especially love the [insert favorite product here], but if you’re looking to get started with tallow skincare, Shalley recommends a starter set for Normal to Oil, Dry to Maturing skin or Sensitive Skin.

Whatever you choose, I know you’re going to love Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty. It’s a total beauty gamechanger I’m proud to support!


[Your name]

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Example Social Media Posts


Ever feel like you’re searching for that one thing that will turn your skin around? What if I told you that one thing was buffalo fat?

Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty is an artisanal skincare company that uses grass-fed buffalo tallow, amazing plant infusions and essential oils to make products that will leave your skin glowing! It has made such as different in my [dry, sensitive, maturing] skin that I just had to share.

What I love most about Buffalo Gal is that their tallow is sourced from the owner’s small family farm, where the animals are raised with care and regenerative farming practices that actually improve the environment.

Of course, all that doesn’t help much if the stuff doesn’t work. And man, does it ever! I’m totally obsessed with the [insert favorite product] because [explain your results].

I think this could be your skincare “missing link.” Find out more at the link below!



These products have been an incredible addition to my skincare routine! Packed with nutrients, super rich, totally natural—I’m obsessed!

Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty is an artisanal skincare company that uses grass-fed buffalo tallow, amazing plant infusions and essential oils to make products that will leave your skin glowing!

I’m personally addicted to [insert favorite product here]. My skin is dewy and moisturized, and I can’t stop touching my face! You have to try this stuff. Check it out through the link in my profile! #farmtoface #buffalogal



My skincare secret is grass-fed buffalo tallow from @BuffaloGalGB. Try this game-changer!  #farmtoface

I’ve been spreading buffalo fat all over my face and I LOVE it! @BuffaloGalGB #farmtoface

Totally obsessed with the #farmtoface buffalo tallow products from @BuffaloGalGB You must try!


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Example Blog Post

Title: The Secret Ingredient to Incredible Skincare

I’ve been on the hunt for clean, natural skincare that really works for quite some time. I recently discovered Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty products, and adding them to my routine has given me amazing results.

Buffalo Gal makes incredible infusions of buffalo tallow, essential oils and powerful plant extracts that are perfect for maturing, damaged and sensitive skin. They smell wonderful and keep my skin soft and dewy.

What I love most about Buffalo Gal is the fact that the main ingredient in almost all their products, grass-fed water buffalo tallow, is made from animals raised on the owner’s family farm! Water buffalo are incredibly unique animals, and their tallow, or fat, is way more nutrient dense than even a grass-fed cow’s thanks to their varied diets.

I’ve also learned that tallow is very similar to our sebum, or the oils in our own skin. That means all those yummy nutrients are readily absorbed. I’ve often struggled with moisturizers that feel like they’re sitting in a greasy layer on top of my skin, especially plant-based moisturizers like coconut oil and cocoa butter. Buffalo Gal is totally different!

I know what you’re thinking: buffalo fat has to smell like meat, right? Nope! Buffalo Gal’s Body butters (great for all-over moisturizing) come in amazing scents like Mocha Latte and Chai Spice, and Tallow Face Balms have elegant scents like Lavender and Cedarwood and Sage. Even the unscented products smell clean and fresh and not at all like animal fat! These products look and feel like the high-end skincare they are.

My Favorites

[List your favorite products here to personalize. Example:

FaCe Revive Night Balm — This product has been a game changer for me. It’s incredibly moisturizing thanks to the tallow, but it’s also packed with natural sources of Vitamin C like plantain, acerola and rose hips. It even has white willow bark to naturally reduce inflammation and puffiness. I can’t live without it!

Chai Spice Tallow Body Butter — This thick, rich moisturizer has been the perfect addition to my skincare routine. Remember those old Bath and Body Works Scents you used to love so much? These are BETTER! My favorite is the Chai Spice, but you really can’t go wrong. I’ve been rubbing it on as a body lotion after I shower or before bed, and it leaves my skin soft and moisturized for days!

Eye Revive — This treatment for under-eye circles has helped reduce puffiness and keep me looking alert and rested (even when I’m not!). It’s a great example of Buffalo Gal’s innovative infusions; the main ingredient (besides tallow of course) is white willow bark, which is derived great for naturally reducing inflammation. I dab just a small amount under my eyes at night, and a little goes a long way!  ]

See for Yourself!

After using Buffalo Gal for a few month, I really feel like tallow might be the “missing ingredient” in skincare for many of my friends with dry, sensitive or aging skin. It’s just so nourishing and healing, and totally different from anything else out there!

If you want to get started with Buffalo Gal, founder Shalley recommends one of her Sets for Dry to Maturing, Normal to Oily or Sensitive Skin. The REVIVE Anti-Aging set includes some of my favorite products, too!

Sets allow you to experience Buffalo Gal’s handmade soaps and incredible toners, too! Her Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize routine will help balance skin’s pH all day, and I think it’s a great place to get started.

[Highlight any ongoing coupons or current specials at BGGB]

I hope you love this incredible skincare company as much as I do, and I can’t wait to hear what you think!


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