4 Amazing Ways to Use the Hot Oil Cleanse

If you’re curious about oil cleansing but sensitive to plant seed oils, our Hot Oil Cleanse is the perfect solution!  Even if you’re not sensitive to plant oils, your skin will appreciate the pH balancing and intense nourishment this product provides!

Oil cleansing relies on the “like dissolves like” principle to remove impurities while softening skin for a surprisingly balanced complexion. We’ve upped the ante by infusing our grassfed water buffalo tallow, which is very similar in structure to the oils produced by our own skin, with whole plants for a lightly scented, nourishing addition to your cleansing routine.

About the Oil Cleansing Method

Dirt, pollution, and other impurities trapped in the pores contribute to acne, inflammation, and glycation (wrinkling). Contrary to popular belief, oil is necessary for skin health and can dissolve and dislodge these impurities when applied using the Oil Cleansing Method. Doing so is a relaxing way to restore skin's optimal barrier function and glow.

Cleanse with Only the Most Natural Ingredients for Skincare!

The only ingredients contained in our Hot Oil Cleanse are:

Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow — Rendered from our family’s herd of water buffalo, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. Be sure to read about the amazing benefits of our 100% grassfed tallow here.

Organic Lavender Flowers— We infuse this calming herb directly into our tallow! It is a counter irritant, increases circulation, and promotes healthy mood.

Organic Calendula Flowers — Infused directly into our tallow! It promotes circulation and assists with wound healing and skin trauma thanks to its concentration of carotenoids and flavonoids.

Organic Rose Buds — Also infused right into our tallow. Rose is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, relaxing has as calming scent. It is moisturizing, toning and rejuvenates and replenishes to soften skin.

Organic Lemon Peel — Contains a high amount of calcium, vitamin C, and citric acid, making it a natural detoxer, antibacterial, brightener, and gentle exfoliator. We also use it to lend a wonderful scent to our products.

Try These 4 Uses for the Hot Oil Cleanse That Don't Involve Cleansing:

* Hot Oil Treatment: Say goodbye to damaged hair or a dry, flaky scalp and hello to the softest and shiniest hair of your dreams!  Unlike the hot oil treatments of the 70s and 80s, our version is devoid of toxic junk. Heat the Hot Oil Cleanse per the directions, apply to scalp, roots and length of hair. Massage oil into your scalp for a few minutes.  Soak a towel in hot water until saturated, then wring out the excess.Wrap the towel around your head and leave it on for at least 30 minutes (or overnight if you wish).  The combination of the hot tallow and the hot towel will help the hair follicles open and absorb all the moisturizing goodness.  Rinse the oil out of your hair in the shower and then shampoo and condition as normal!

* Spot Treat Eczema with the Hot Oil Cleanse!  Nothing feels more soothing and comforting to the painful itch of eczema, psoriasis, stings, cuts, or rashes than warm herbal tallow.  Heat the Hot Oil Cleanse per the directions and apply where needed.  Feel the incredible relief!  Note: Check for safe heat if using on little ones.

* Elevate Your Bath by adding a tablespoon of Hot Oil Cleanse to your bath water for an insanely moisturizing treat!  The soft floral scent of rose, calendula, lemon, and lavender flowers will pleasantly elevate your senses.

* Un-Paraffin your Hand Dip!  Hand dips are a common treatment at any spa or salon.  Warm paraffin helps relieve stiffness and increase blood flow to the area treated, and leaves skin feeling soft.  But did you know that paraffin was first known as “petroleum wax”?  It emits toxic chemicals such as toluene and benzene which are harmful when inhaled.  Ditch the paraffin and use the hypoallergenic floral tallow in our Hot Oil Cleanse instead!

There are dozens of other fun ways to use our Hot Oil Cleanse!  Let us know your favorite ways!