Anti-Aging vs. Pro-aging


Aging is a natural process and there is no way to skip it, even if scientists are fascinated with trying to find miraculous solutions to stop it or at least slow it down significantly. While the consequences of aging might be easily known and noticed by the majority of people, the advantages that come with it are not so advertised. But like any other natural process, aging comes with its blessings as well. The approach toward this topic changed in more than a few ways in the past decade, which is why there are several beauty aspects related to aging nowadays.

The Pro-aging Movement

The modern approach to aging encourages women to show their real age rather than masking it with different personal care products or makeup. This means that there is no pressure to meet perfection for women, or at least not the “eternal youth” type of perfection that most magazines got us used to aim for. Perfection is showing your age in the best and most beautiful way that you can. Such an approach frees women of a series of pressures and expectations that maybe they shouldn’t even have to be orientated towards.

The pro-aging movement brings serious changes in the beauty industry as well. Manufacturers of “anti aging” products that claim to make you look younger with years and even decades, should adapt their products to the expectations of the modern women. Women older than 50 start to look for different ways to express their age rather than hide it, and that involves new products that address their desire. Among the changes that the pro aging movement involves, there is the development of new products such as moisturizers that are healing the skin rather than lifting it to offer a younger look. Also, cosmetics should be more concerned of the skin tone that women have rather than the level of wrinkles they developed. Luckily, such products already exist on the market so if you are interested in respecting your age rather than hiding it, you should definitely try them.

What is Left of the Anti-aging Philosophy

The anti-aging philosophy is one very well implemented in the mentality of women from all over the globe. A philosophy that is also well exploited by cosmetic companies, too. It is so popular that women not only try to treat the effects of aging but they also try to prevent them by using promising creams and lotions. Does it work? Maybe in a small percentage it does but in most cases the results are not as perfect as they are expected to be and this is normal.

Anti-aging products are great as long as they are used in moderation and with realistic expectations. The best anti-aging measure that you can take to prevent those wrinkles from appearing sooner than they absolutely have to, is to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself. When it comes to anti-aging, your approach toward these products is crucial because you can make this entire philosophy work for you or against you. When you are relating to anti aging method in a wrong way, you are desperate to hide every single wrinkle you see on your beautiful face and you are willing to spend serious amounts of cash to do that. This is a bit too much. However, there is nothing wrong with including an anti aging product into your daily beauty routine. After all if you can delay some aging effects why not doing so!

How to Take the Best from Anti-aging and Pro-aging in Order to be Happy with Your Looks

First of all, both anti-aging and pro-aging products are helpful in their own way. Extremes are definitely a no-no. Try to follow these tips if you want to be in control of your beauty, regardless to the age you have.

  • If you want to delay wrinkles, do it by using a high-quality, natural facial balm starting with your early 30s. Most often, such a product could be recommended successfully by your skincare professional who will be able to evaluate your skin type and its nourishment needs.
  • Once you reach a certain respectable age that allows some gray hair to show up, embrace the changes that come along with it. You should still take care of yourself but do it accordingly to your age by embracing your skin and the changes it naturally suffered. Use natural products that nourish and heal your skin more than those that are modifying the wrinkles or working on making your skin look younger... at all costs.
  • Stay in touch with your skin care professional! As you get older, you will notice that your skin needs will be different as well. Talk to your dermatologist or esthetician about the advantages that you have and ways to deal with the unpleasant effects of aging. They will offer you the best solutions to mix pro aging and anti aging strategies in a way that compliments your look and gives you the confidence all women need!


Try to take the best out of the classic antiaging and newest pro-aging methods in order to bring as many benefits as possible to your skin. If you don’t fall in the temptation of extremes, you should enjoy your appearance regardless to the age that you reach. And remember that the most important thing you can do for yourself is to take care of your skin daily by having impeccable hygiene with a Cleanse – Tone – Nourish routine. Clean your face once or twice a day using a natural cleanser followed by a pH balancing toner and then a tallow balm that nourishes your skin. For a one stop shop starter package, check out Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty’s Age Positive Set here. Such a basic beauty routine, completed by a healthy diet and lifestyle, should be all you need to look at your best!