Beginner's Guide to Using Tallow


You might be surprised to discover that skin care products shouldn’t be based on just chemicals and extracts that come from plants. Or at least these are not the only ingredients that can be efficient when it comes to skin balms and other similar products. Tallow is one of the ingredients that was considered to be almost miraculous a few decades ago. And if you are not familiar with such products, keep reading because you will find a healthy alternative to other skin care creams that you can find on the market nowadays.

Tallow is a type of rendered fat obtained from ruminant animals such as sheep, cows, bison, buffalo, and deer. This type of fat is obtained from heating up the suet, a very specific body cavity fat, and separating the oils from the rest of the tissue. This was a common skin care product in ancient times but recently, it reached a new level of popularity again as science rediscovered its incredible benefits. Tallow is a product that can safely be ingested which makes it even more appropriate to be applied on the skin. The skin absorbs all the ingredients we use on it and this is another reason why we have to pay attention to skin care products.

Why you should use Tallow based products as a skin care moisturizer or cleanser

The benefits of Tallow are almost unlimited as this ingredient is highly compatible with our skin. Here are the most important aspects to be aware of when you introduce Tallow to your daily beauty routine!

- Tallow compliments our skin’s structure being highly compatible with our cells. This natural ingredient has between 50% and 55% saturated fats and it also comes with a significant amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. With such a structure, there’s no wonder that Tallow is nourishing our skin cells every time we apply it and it provides just the right amount of moisturizer.

- This ingredient gets easily absorbed into our skin. You will notice that as soon as you apply Tallow on your skin, it gets absorbed deep into its layers. This will offer you a healthy and soft skin that will also look younger and gain its natural glow after just a few days.

- Tallow is well known for feeding our skin much better that oil extracts that come from different plants. Even if plant based oils are very healthy for your skin, Tallow seems to be much better and a lot more effective. It contains a wide variety of vitamins that are beneficial for any type of skin such as vitamin A, K, D and E. Also, Tallow has a big anti inflammatory power and it can be used to reduce medical skin conditions or even prevent them.

How to use Tallow products to improve the quality of your skin

If you never use Tallow on your skin, you might wonder how it works and how to apply it. Even if this is a simple process, it should still be clarified before putting it into practice. Here are the main ways to obtain Tallow skin care products and how to use them properly for maximum benefits.

- You can make Tallow balm at home or purchase it at convenient cost. All you need is raw Tallow as much as 3- ounces, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and between 27 and 30 drops of essential oil of your choice. You will have to melt the Tallow and mix it with the other ingredients before you use it for your skin. 

- The most readily available type of Tallow seems to be beef and the most nutritious is water buffalo as it has the most significant benefits when it is rubbed over your skin on a daily basis. It will reduce itchiness and dryness as well as acne and other skin conditions that might develop on your face or all over your body. This was used as a skin treatment for many centuries.

- Before you apply a Tallow based product on your skin make sure you wash it and eliminate all make up. Gently spread a tiny amount the size of a pea of Tallow balm by using your hands or a special skin sponge or beauty blender by dabbing, patting, or stippling. Make sure to cover all the surface you want and carefully rub it into the surface of your skin in order to help it get absorbed easier. You will not have to rinse your skin off after you apply a Tallow product because this is a nourishing concoction and not a mask. An overly oily feel means either too much was applied or your skin may need a little exfoliation. Either way, give it time to absorb because the benefits are worth the wait! Your skin will be fed with all the healthy fats and vitamins it needs as the Tallow gets absorbed deeper into its layers. Repeat this process after every shower.


Tallow based products will not only offer your skin the beauty that you are going for but they will also maintain it young for a longer time. These products reduce wrinkles and they prevent aging signs as long as they are used on a regular basis and you don’t abuse them. Your skin will feel softer and less damaged in no time as you will find that you can get all the nourishment you need by simply applying this Tallow Face Balm on it. So, definitely give it a try and enjoy the amazing effects of this natural product!