​How to Tidy Up Your Tallow Product Collection

The Marie Kondo method has struck a loud chord with women this year. I admit I dismissed her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up when it first came out, but her Netflix series drew me in.

Decluttering is one of those chores that usually feels great when it’s done, but it’s so easy to put off… over and over, until our shelfs and drawers are full and clutter is spilling onto our countertops.

Even if you don’t buy into her philosophy of only keeping what sparks joy, your skincare collection is needs occasional tidying and culling.

As you make the switch to incorporating more natural products in your routine, you’ll be using formulas with fewer artificial preservatives and stabilizers, so making sure you store, care for, and dispose of products properly becomes even more important.

There’s no set-in-stone shelf life for Buffalo Gal tallow products, but follow these guidelines for best effect:

  • Note the texture, consistency, and scent of your products when they arrive. If you notice big changes over time, it’s time to toss them.
  • Don’t “save” your products! Buffalo Gal products are meant to be used, savored, and enjoyed. In fact, saving your products for special occasions or “someday” actually means you’re just letting them go to waste. So enjoy immediately – same as you would with a harvest of garden-fresh produce. You deserve to indulge and enjoy your skincare! Make it a part of your daily routine and start reaping the benefits of healthier skin.
  • Help keep your jar products free of contaminants by washing and drying your fingers prior to dipping in.
  • Get the most out of your Buffalo Gal soap and shampoo bars by keeping them on a sponge or soap saver so they can dry completely between uses. If you’re storing them in the shower, make sure they’re out of the way of water, otherwise they’ll melt away!
  • Store your products in a cool dry place. If you have an extra jar you know you won’t be able to use right away, store it in the fridge or freezer to ensure it stays fresh. In the winter, if your home is cold you may want to store your tallow items in a slightly warmer location to soften. However always keep your tallow items out of direct sunlight, and when traveling beware of leaving them in hot cars.
  • Bonus tip: Shalley loves keeping her toners in the fridge all the time, making them extra-refreshing. Plus, since our toners have live ingredients, keeping them refrigerated helps insure freshness. But if you prefer them at room temp, just be sure to keep store on a cool dry shelf, and use within 3 to 4 months.
  • We love having sales and giving you the chance to stock up on Buffalo Gal goodness. Whenever you buy extra products, store them in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to use them. Or, just share them with your friends!

With those tips in mind, let’s walk through a skincare decluttering session:

  • 1.Start by taking inventory of all the skincare products you have currently

Go through not just the ones you use daily, but those creams hiding in the back of the medicine cabinet and the lip balms at bottom of your purse.

  • 2.Analyze what you own

If you’re like me, you’ll likely discover some products that are way out of date, and barely got used. Don’t let guilt or regret take hold. Instead, take stock of what you might have learned since buying those items. For example, I always find masks when I clean out my supply – turns out, I rarely use them.

Instead of feeling bad that I “wasted money” on a mask that’s now expired, I can either:

  • Realize masks don’t fit into my lifestyle and put my resources towards items I use on a regular basis.
  • OR
  • Buy a fresh mask product, and actually make time to apply it. I know for me, keeping products front and center on my bathroom counter or nightstand helps me remember to use them. If you prefer keeping your surfaces clear, set a reminder on your phone instead. If you use a paper calendar or planner, write in “clay mask” at regular intervals, say every Sunday night.

We have to prioritize self-care rituals. Skincare is important on so many levels, so don’t feel silly if it takes writing it in a few places to get yourself to actually indulge and enjoy good products! Your skin will thank you.

  • 3.Toss the old stuff

No holds barred. If it’s a natural tallow product and it’s over several months old, it’s probably still ok to use, but you’d be better served by a fresh one.

And if you’re noticing any funky textures or smells – toss it!

  • 4. Assess what’s missing

Where are the gaps in your skincare collection?

Items to consider for both body and face:

  • -Exfoliants
  • -Moisturizers
  • -Cleansers
  • -Toners
  • -Masks
  • 5.Intentionally rebuild your inventory

Select the complimentary products designed for your skin type and integrate them into your routine. You can find the full range of our all-natural grassfed tallow products here.


Part of Marie Kondo’s process is to:

“Identify the items you are using in this moment – and list what you love about each one.”

As you evaluate what you want to keep using, and what you might want to add, choose products you truly love. Skincare is self-care. Just as you invest in healthy, wholesome food and enjoyable meals, so you can invest in healthy, wholesome skin products and enjoyable rituals.

Fair warnings about using Buffalo Gal products:

  • üYou may get compliments on how young you look
  • üYour daughter may steal your products
  • üYour dog may wait for you to get out of the shower just to lick it all off of you as soon as you applied it … oops! What can we say, our products are yummy!

Here’s to a tidied skincare collection that sparks true joy!