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It's no secret that healthy, radiant skin starts with healthy living. A diet of unadulterated, nutrient dense plant and animal foods is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Isn't it wonderful to know that we can also support our skin's health with a simple skincare routine with wholesome skincare ingredients?

Tallow is both an essential food and a phenomenal skincare ingredient. It's important that such an ingredient be carefully sourced from animals living a specie appropriate lifestyle, eating a specie appropriate diet, and are humanely harvested.

Our family farm, Carrell Farms, Inc., is a grass based livestock operation in Monroe, Georgia. Our ruminant animals eat a variety of cool season grasses, warm season grasses, legumes, and forbs growing in holistically managed soil.

The star ingredient of our skincare line is our water buffalo tallow. Buffalo have a broader palate than cows do, increasing the concentration and range of nutrients they consume. In other words, buffalo tallow is more nutritious than beef tallow. It has a high stearic acid content, making it a very rich, "stiff" tallow that also smells cleaner than beef.

We go through a great deal of effort to ensure our animals are well cared for for so you can enjoy the benefits of our grassfed fats in our handcrafted beauty line, Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty. We proudly feature skincare products you won't find anywhere else! Our products are simply formulated with carefully selected ingredients that soothe, feed, nourish, and replenish your skin. Nothing questionable or toxic is ever included!

Your purchases support a small family farm, directly promoting carbon sequestration and food freedom through localized and diversified agriculture. It doesn't get any better than that!

Feel free to contact the Buffalo Gal, Shalley, with any questions you may have: shalley@carrellfarms.com or fill out the form on the Contact page.

All of our products are:





Our ingredient lists are generally short because we insist on keeping the tallow content high for maximum absorption of BIO-AVAILABLE vitamins and beneficial fats!  Shop for your new favorites here.

Why Certified Paleo?

We are diligent in selecting the purest and safest ingredients we can find, and whenever possible we select ingredients that are certified organic because it is a widely accepted standard for purity. Some ask if our tallow is certified organic, and the answer is "no".

And here's why: David and I spent many years being educated in public schools and universities and then several more years "uneducating" ourselves from the indoctrination that, to us, was just not right. From the "nontraditional" species of livestock we raise to the holistic style of land management we use, we operate intentionally outside the commodity box of agriculture. Therefore, government sponsored endorsements and certifications, such as "organic" are of no value to us. That stance creates many obstacles for us, as they say, "no good deed goes unpunished". But it is worth it.

There is, however, a non-government certification program that does happen to jibe with our long term outlook and philosophy: the Paleo Foundation. We appreciate their mission and support their ideals. Being Certified Paleo gives us greater exposure in the marketplace while also providing customers with assurance and confidence that can't be found with other credentials.

Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty is a Certified Paleo brand and Carrell Farms is in the process of applying to be a Paleo Approved farm. Keep posted!