HAIR BUNDLE (Tallow Shampoo Bar + HA Conditioner + ACV Hair Rinse)

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Includes TALLOW SHAMPOO SOAP, Herbal ACV HAIR RINSE, and HYALURONIC CONDITIONER (solid bar).  Be sure to read each product's description individually.

Directions: First, wet hair and Tallow Shampoo Bar.  Lather with your hands first and then apply bar directly to hair, lifting sections of hair as you go along to thoroughly massage shampoo into scalp.  Rinse well and repeat.  

Follow with our Herbal Apple Cider Vinegar HAIR RINSE: Spray Hair Rinse liberally onto scalp and hair, being careful to avoid eyes.  Use fingers to spread evenly throughout.  Give it a light rinse with cool water.

Finally, wet Hyaluronic Conditioner bar and apply to wet hair in brushing strokes, being sure to coat scalp. Rinse or leave in if you prefer. 



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I’ve needed this
Written by Kara on Aug 8th 2022

My scalp is feeling great after a year of trying natural products and failing. I am allergic to coconut oil and all derivatives of it. It causes break outs, dry scalp, itching, pain. But this shampoo and conditioner has been healing and still works. Everything has coconut in it, even most products claiming to use other oils, so this has been the absolute best. Thank you!

The perfect combo
Written by Steph on Jul 20th 2022

WOW! I have never used a solid product on my hair, so this took a minute to get used to. But I'm so glad I did! I have naturally curly hair but typically straighten it. I can't wait to see what it does for my curls next time I use it and allow my hair to air dry. It feels hydrated without being heavy. I wasn't sure about the vinegar rinse, at first but it made my hair so soft!

Shampoo trio
Written by Judy Mckay on Jun 4th 2022

I love the shampoo, conditioner and apple cider rinse. My hairs feels great and is really shiny. I’ve been on the search for clean hair products so I was thrilled when one of the health consultants at Heart and Soil said that many of their clients like your products! Thank you for making it!!

Superior Hair Products
Written by Emaleigh on Feb 15th 2022

I’ll admit I was worried my hair just wouldn’t feel the same using these products verses conventional hair products even though I knew that they would be better for the health of my hair. I was happily wrong though, and within a few uses of the shampoo bar, ACV rinse and conditioner bar my hair has never looked or felt so good! I love that these products are sustainable and made from quality ingredients but what I love most is that they actually work. Also, because my hair is now in better health I don’t have to wash it nearly as often & the bars last a while!

Hair bundle
Written by Rachelle on Nov 29th 2021

It’s true that when you’re switching from traditional shampoo to a shampoo bar there’s a transition / detox time. My hair felt very waxy after the first couple washes. After using the shampoo bars for a couple weeks though, my hair is feeling so much better! I’ve also noticed that I can go longer in between washes without my hair looking greasy. I love the shrub scent! It has a nice, light earthy scent.

My hair is so happy
Written by Gabriell on Nov 12th 2021

First shampoo bar I ever felt called to. Love the ingredients and it feels like real food for my hair and head.

Worth. Every. Penny.
Written by Kim on Oct 3rd 2021

Love this bundle. Shampoo and spray rinse leave hair squeaky clean and conditioner softens it all up. And the spray rinse doubles as a secret agent for frizzzzz control and shine. Also love that there are zero plastic bottles heading for a landfill. Great scent that is not overwhelming or perfume-y. Natural in every way. Will be reordering and reordering and…

Amazing clean feel!
Written by Mary on Sep 25th 2021

I have been searching for shampoo and conditioner bars for a while but none seemed to leave my hair clean feeling and soft. These bars do and they smell so good! I tried the shrub shampoo bar and the floral conditioner! I loved the floral so much I ordered more. My husband is using them too! The ACV is awesome after the bars! I use a comb after the shower with no problem. These work great together to tackle frizzy fine hair. I will definitely be coming back for this bundle!!

Best hair products
Written by S. Miller on Aug 15th 2021

I found these products after I found out most shampoos on the market have cancer causing formaldehyde in them and my hair was thinning. I have the healthiest hair now. It’s growing back and it’s beautiful!

Hair bundle
Written by Faith on Jun 16th 2021

This is the best! I've been using this hair bundle for about a month now and my hair looks amazing - super soft, shiny, and detangled. I stopped using sulfate based shampoos and products in February 2021 and went to full water-only for about 3 months. At first, water-only was working well for me, but eventually my hair was looking dull and lifeless despite being healthy. This hair bundle did the trick of keeping me off conventional shampoos while making my hair look awesome, naturally. I shampoo my roots with the shampoo bar, follow with a small amount of the rinse, then use the conditioner on my ends. I only need to wash about once a week and my hair looks and smells great. Plus, Shalley was so kind and included some extra samples for me! Highly recommended and I plan to purchase again.

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