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This wonderful little tool is a must for any Buffalo Gal hair care regimen.

Used in China since the 7th century, the practice of gua sha (skin scraping) boasts many of the same benefits as lymphatic massage: it improves circulation, encourages healthy lymphatic flow and assists in cell turnover. We use it stimulate collagen production and smooth out wrinkles.  It also stimulates hair growth when used on scalp. It’s de-puffing under the eyes and a fabulously relaxing part of a daily routine. It is truly magic!


For Scalp: Use the comb edge and comb your scalp from the front of the hairline to the back, down the neck slightly, jiggling the points of the comb gently as you go.  It should feel wonderful!

For Face: Keep your gua sha stone in the fridge for extra cooling if desired. Apply any of our Tallow Balms or Mending Oil to face.  Using medium pressure and an approximately 15 degree angle, pull flat end of stone from the nose across cheek to outside of face toward ear, pressing down toward ear. Repeat a few times.  Find the edge of the stone that works best for your nose, eye brows, lips, chin, neck and forehead and give your whole face a treatment.  A little redness means it's working! 

Note: We will compose a video soon for how to use this tool, but in the meantime, a quick internet search for gua sha will yield lots of video tutorials!

For extra nourishment, use with our Eye Revive, any of our Tallow Balms, or Mending Oil to help them absorb and penetrate more deeply. 

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