TALLOW SHAMPOO SOAP (4 oz) - Clarifying

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Zero waste natural hair care is here!  Our Tallow Shampoo is crafted using traditional soap-making techniques. We make them with purposeful and nourishing ingredients to deeply cleanse your hair and scalp.

Let the simple nature of these Shampoo Bars surprise you while you enjoy knowing they haven't contributed plastics and unnecessary chemicals to our oceans.    

To use, wet hair and Shampoo Bar.  Lather with your hands first and then apply bar directly to hair, lifting sections of hair as you go along to thoroughly massage shampoo into scalp.  Rinse thoroughly!  Follow with our Herbal Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse* and/or our Hair Conditioner Bar.   

Available in Unscented, Mango-Tangerine, and Shrub (rosemary-cedarwood).

Be sure to store your Tallow Shampoo Bar on a soap saver or sponge for its longest life.

*Because our Shampoo Bars are technically soaps, the pH is higher than commercial shampoo.  For the softest, most manageable hair, it helps to use a vinegar rinse to reduce pH and flatten hair cuticles.  If you opt not to purchase ours, it is easy to make a suitable one at home: mix one part apple cider vinegar to one part water in a quart sized container.  Pour over hair right after rinsing out shampoo.  Then follow with a very quick, cool water rinse.  Our Hair Conditioner is highly recommended, as it smooths out well-clarified hair.

New to using solid Shampoo?  When transitioning to a natural solid Shampoo Bar like ours, your hair may feel weighted or waxy at first.  That's because silicone from synthetic shampoo is lifting from your hair and scalp and your natural sebum production is adjusting.  This waxy feeling will go away after a few days, however, it can take a few weeks for this transition period to occur.  We generally recommend only washing your hair 2-3 times per week. 

For faster results, mix 1-2 tsp. of bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar to form a paste-like mask.  Apply to scalp and allow it to completely dry.  Rinse with warm water.  If you prefer, we have a Pit & Scalp Mask available for purchase here.  Our Dead Sea Mask applied to scalp may work the same.  Be sure to follow the directions in the product description.  

Note: Hair care is highly individual.  This type of shampoo is not an ideal product for everyone.  If it doesn't work well for your hair simply use as an awesome soap for your body!


Natural Ingredients for Hair Care

Unscented Tallow Shampoo: Saponified oils: tallow, shea butter*, argan oil*, castor oil*, and tucuma butter.  Additional ingredients: Apple cider vinegar*, aloe vera juice*, silk peptides, raw honey*, Dead Sea mud, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, panthenol, and neem*.  *organic

Mango - Tangerine: Saponified oils: tallow, shea butter* argan oil*, castor oil*, and tucuma butter.  Additional ingredients: Mango juice*, silk peptides, sodium lactate, raw honey*, kaolin clay, rose clay, panthenol, neem*, and essential oils of tangerine and benzoin.   *organic

Shrub: Saponified oils: tallow, shea butter*, argan oil*, castor oil*, and tucuma butter.  Additional ingredients: Apple cider vinegar*, aloe vera juice*, French green clay, sodium lactate, silk peptides, raw honey*, panthenol, neem*, and essential oils of rosemary and cedarwood.  *organic






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tallow shampoo
Written by Patricia Madore on Apr 4th 2022

I am a repeat buyer.....this is a great product and I am very glad to use it! My hair feels great!!

Shampoo Tallow Bars
Written by Margaret on Mar 26th 2022

I'm loving these large shampoo bars. Leaves my hair squeaky clean and increases the hair volume! I'll be ordering more! Prompt shipping and super responsive customer service! Highly recommended!

Awesome product!
Written by Jeanette on Feb 17th 2022

This shampoo bar has the best ingredients! It really leaves hair soft and hydrated. The vinegar rinse works best with it. I have a very hard time finding a good shampoo that doesn’t strip my hair…and this bar does not. I just ordered a bunch more. I also used this bar as a body soap or when shaving…it leaves my skin soooo soft! Love it! Thanks so much for your lovely products.

Squeaky Clean!
Written by Abbey on Jan 30th 2022

I'm about 4 washes in and the shampoo bar leaves my hair super squeaky clean! It smells really nice (I'm using the SHRUB scent). I'm still trying to figure out the texture of my hair without all the synthetic junk from store bought shampoo.

The best shampoo I have used
Written by Kylie on Jan 10th 2022

I switched over to shampoos with tallow or lard about two years ago, and I really loved it compared to anything else I’ve ever used before. I’ve been using my first bar of this shampoo for about two full months and I still have a lot left, but I’ve already got 5 more back ups because I know this is my dream shampoo. My hair is kind of thin and wavy and it’s really easy to overdo it with oils so I started to avoid conditioner with previous animal fat shampoos, but now that I switched to this one I don’t have any problems, I can use the conditioner and my hair feels great every single time.

Written by Kath on Dec 14th 2021

I really like how my hair feels, my scalp doesn't feel as dry as well. I also want to thank you for giving me a bar I can use as the other bar is still in the process of curing. I really appreciate such a thoughtful gesture. I am enjoying the scents as well. The hair rinse smells nice too after my hair dried.

Good natural option
Written by Katya B. on Nov 26th 2021

I originally bought this when I started GAPS and needed to detox. I loved it initially but the formula has changed and I wish it hadn’t. It’s still a good tallow shampoo but the original was superior. We typically test our water and our water hasn’t changed. We’re on well water and check for PH, minerals, and pesticides. All just about the same. Regardless, it’s a great body soap and smells great!

First Time Using a Shampoo Bar
Written by Felicia on Oct 23rd 2021

I am glad I bought this as this was my first time using a shampoo bar. It lathers fairly well but there was a point I had to rub the bar directly into my hair. My hair didn't tangle. That may not be the same for anyone else. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the product and I am glad it doesn't create the squeaky clean feeling you would get from chemical based shampoos. My hair felt clean and soft after use. Will definitely buy again.

Written by SARA ORTIZ on Oct 22nd 2021


Tallow Bar SHAMPOO
Written by Connie on Aug 25th 2021

AMAZING! Does not dry and leaves no greasy feeling. My hair actually feels stronger.

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