TALLOW SHAMPOO SOAP (4 oz) - Clarifying

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Zero waste natural hair care is here!  Our Tallow Shampoo is crafted using traditional soap-making techniques. We make them with purposeful and nourishing ingredients to deeply cleanse your hair and scalp.

This bar is only available in Unscented now.  

Let the simple nature of this Shampoo Bar surprise you while you enjoy knowing it contributes no unnecessary or harmful chemicals to your body or to the ocean.    

To use, wet hair and Shampoo Bar.  Lather with your hands first and then apply bar directly to hair, lifting sections of hair as you go along to thoroughly massage shampoo into scalp.  Rinse thoroughly!  Follow with our Herbal Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse* and/or our Hyaluronic Hair Conditioner Bar.     

Be sure to store your Tallow Shampoo Bar on a soap saver or sponge for its longest life.

*This Shampoo Bar is technically soap with a pH of 9.5, higher than hair's natural setting of around 5.5.  Most issues with the use of this type of product arise from washing in hard water.  We include ingredients to help offset those effects.  For the softest, most manageable hair, we highly recommend following shampoo with a vinegar rinse to quickly reduce pH and flatten hair cuticles. 

If you opt not to purchase ours, it is easy to make one at home: mix one part apple cider vinegar to one part water in a quart sized container.  Pour over just enough to cover hair right after rinsing out shampoo.  Then follow with a very quick, cool water rinse.  Our Hair Conditioner helps detangle well-clarified hair and promotes healthy hair growth.

New to using solid Shampoo?  When transitioning to a natural solid Shampoo Bar like ours, your hair may feel weighted or waxy at first.  That's because silicone from synthetic shampoo is lifting from your hair and scalp and your natural sebum production is adjusting.  This waxy feeling will go away after a few days, however, it can take a few weeks for this transition period to occur.  We generally recommend only washing your hair 2-3 times per week. 

For faster results, mix 1-2 tsp. of bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar to form a paste-like mask.  Apply to scalp and allow it to completely dry.  Rinse with warm water.  If you prefer, we have a Pit & Scalp Mask available for purchase here.   

Note: Hair care is highly individual.  This type of shampoo is not an ideal product for everyone.  If it doesn't work well for your hair simply use as an awesome soap for your body!


Natural Ingredients for Hair Care

Tallow Shampoo Ingredients: Saponified oils: tallow, shea butter*, argan oil*, castor oil*, and tucuma butter.  Additional ingredients: Apple cider vinegar*, aloe vera juice*, silk peptides, raw honey*, GF rice flour*, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, panthenol, and neem*.  *organic






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Written by David Imhof on Nov 15th 2023

This shampoo leaves my hair soft and has helped with my dry skin so it's not as flakey.

Works as...
Written by Michael Brewer on Nov 15th 2023

Shampoo Bar looks good feels good performs Great

Works as intended
Written by Michael on Nov 15th 2023

Shampoo Bar looks good feels good performs Great

Great Bar reasonable Price
Written by Michael on Nov 11th 2023

Making the switch to bar shampoo from liquid conventional shampoo was a Great decision

Tallow Shampoo WORKS!
Written by Melanie on Jul 25th 2023

I am making slow changes to my products with the goal of becoming more natural and less "chemical". I loved the Tallow Face moisturizer so thought I'd try a change in my shampoo. I only wash my hair twice a week and this bar lasted for a few months for me. It lathers well and rinses nicely. My 21 year old daughter was skeptical because she has long hair and feels it is oily so washes it daily or skips a day occasionally. She loved this shampoo bar as well. We were happy to see the travel set in a tin since she traveled to Italy this summer. No liquids to worry about TSA rules or spilling. We are sold for life!

Great shampoo
Written by Jeni on Jul 22nd 2023

My husband loves this shampoo. He’s notorious for over using traditional shampoo so this is perfect to wash the small amount of hair on his head. It lasts forever and travels well!

Lustre and Shine!
Written by Amy on Jul 1st 2023

I'm back to purchase another one of these unscented shampoo bars after the owner, Shalley was kind enough to gift me my first bar! I have severe allergies, MCAS and MCS and have a difficult time finding products that are truly fragrance-free and free of essential oils. I have zero issues using this shampoo bar to wash my short hair and I'm amazed how shiny and manageable my hair is after use! Another perk is I now notice little to no hair loss and my hair feels thicker!! Thank you, Shalley!

Tallow Shampoo Bar Review
Written by Lori Sash-Gail on Jan 24th 2023

I have superfine curly hair that was over processed. I’ve been trying to get the curl back and to grow it long without cutting it. This shampoo bar has given me back my curl as well as improved the texture and thickness of the individual strand. My hair hasn’t looked this good in years and I can’t live without it. I use the conditioner bar after to seal and smooth after washing with the bar. This is the best bar ever .

Tallow Shampoo
Written by Mary on Jan 7th 2023

This shampoo bar worked well for my thin, straight hair. It gave it more body and shine than ever before. I didn't have a transition period and my hair felt soft and detangled after using the recommended vinegar rinse.

Love the tallow shampoo bars
Written by Ashlee on Dec 5th 2022

I love the tallow shampoo bars from buffalo gal grass fed! I need clean ingredients for health purposes and these fit the bill. I pair it with an ACV rinse for my washing routine and my hair has never been healthier or grown as long as it has. Thanks for making such a lovely product!

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