TONING MIST - Hydrate - (2 oz)

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Ingredients: Rose hydrosol, sandalwood hydrosol, cucumber hydrosol, helichrysum hydrosol, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, marigold extract.

Truly the jewel in our anti-aging collection, Buffalo Gal’s Hydrate Mist combines powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid (HA) and youth enhancing floral waters that are AHHHH-MAZING for skin! Spray on face and neck any time you wish. When used with the food-based vitamin C in either of our FaCe Revive Balms you will love the age-positive results!



Natural Ingredients for Skincare

Hyaluronic Acid — A naturally-occurring polysaccharide (large sugar molecule) found throughout the body in tissues like skin, synovial fluids in the joints, and connective tissues.  It's responsible for tissue hydration, lubrication, and stability. It has an incredible ability to plump the skin by holding 500 times its weight in water.

Cucumber Hydrosol -- Cucumber in skincare conjures the image of spa-goers with cucumber slices over their eyes.  Cucumbers are cooling, calming, refreshing and soothing and that's why it's included as an important floral water in this toning mist! 

Rose Hydrosol —  There's a good reason Rose has been used for thousands of years for luxury skincare, but most on the market today are extracted with solvents. Our Rose hydrosol is steam distilled and is high in citronellol, excellent for combating wrinkles and redness.  Plus, it smells so nice! Hydrosols are simply blends of distilled flowers, herbs and water. They are a milder alternative to essential oil blends but yield many of the same benefits.

Sandalwood Hydrosol — Sandalwood is well known for its age-correcting and mind-calming qualities.  We source our sandalwood from a natural perfumer with access to the best materials in the world!

Helichrysum Hydrosol -- Helichrysum is is known as a "beauty BFF" and is called everlasting or immortelle flower because of its extraordinary longevity and anti-wrinkle properties.  It also helps protect against free radicals, improves microcirculation, and purifies the skin.

Vegetable Glycerin -- a naturally occuring compound with notable moisturizing benefits.

Marigold Extract -- an antibacterial extract that protects the delicate cucumber hydrosol in this blend.


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Great for sensitive skin
Written by Doris on Aug 14th 2018

Toners are problematic for me. For instance, I can't use anything with witch hazel in it. My skin loves this spray. I use it when I'm feeling like I could use an extra moisture boost.

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