Tallow DEODORANT (3 oz)

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Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, grassfed ghee, beeswax, bamboo powder, magnesium hydroxide, banana powder, non-nano zinc oxide, goldenseal root, sodium bicarbonate, and essential oil blend.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to shortages for glass and some plastics, we are taking this opportunity to switch over to more eco-friendly packaging options.  Our Tallow Deodorants are transitioning over to a 3 oz cardboard tube instead of the current plastic tubes.  We have found them to be easier to use than ones we've tried in the past.  We hope you like them -- let us know your feedback!


Our founder Shalley, by customer request, wanted to formulate an all-natural deodorant that’s both effective and gentle. In doing so, it seemed important to feature ingredients that support a healthy skin biome and immune system, while eliminating ingredients that cause irritation or could potentially be harmful. After lots of trial and error over the past few years we've landed on a formulation that we love!  Our Tallow Deodorant absorbs wetness, neutralizes odor, and promotes a healthy skin biome, without blocking lymph nodes and sweat glands that help rid our bodies of toxins. Our active powder blend is suspended in a highly emollient, antimicrobial combination of grassfed tallow, grassfed ghee, and local beeswax.

Baking soda deodorants are popular these days, but many people experience skin irritation caused by its high pH. As a result, we include only a small sprinkle of baking soda to our active powder blend, just enough to neutralize odor causing bacteria it contacts.  The irritating effects of a high pH are offset by the skin-friendly animal fats in which it is suspended.  An array of other actives such as magnesium, zinc, and goldenseal also work synergistically to combat odor.

Coconut oil is a very popular ingredient in natural deodorants but we didn't include it in ours because many people report a sensitivity to it. 

We hope you'll give it a try!

This nourishing Deodorant is free of aluminum, alcohols, parabens, and synthetic fragrance.  One swipe of the comfortable wide applicator and you're on your way.  Re-apply as needed.  When switching to a natural product such as this, you may experience a transition period that may include excessive odor or sweating.  If this happens, you may benefit from a detoxifying mask for your armpits.  

Currently available in Unscented, Citrus, Floral, and Antibacterial.


Natural Ingredients for Skincare

Grassfed Buffalo Tallow — Rendered from our family’s herd of water buffalo, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. In our deodorant, its added benefits include moisturizing sensitive skin and supporting healthy sweat secretion.  Read more about our tallow here

Grassfed Ghee -- Free of lactose and casein, ghee is clarified butter that has been cooked longer for a shelf-stable, nutty smelling healthy fat.  It is a good source of Vitamins A and D and has antibacterial properties. 

Beeswax - Gives body to our formulation and is also antimicrobial by nature.

Bamboo Powder - Aborbs 500 times its weight in moisture, bamboo powder is a natural choice for a natural deodorant.  It does not block sweat glands, but instead absorbs excess sweat!

Goldenseal — This herb is antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and strongly astringent. It also soothes underarm rashes.

Banana Powder —  This Potassium and Vitamin A-rich powder helps our deodorant absorb wetness while moisturizing and soothing your pits.  Unlike other starches we've tried in natural deodorants, banana powder does not clog pores in armpits.

Zinc Oxide (non-nano) - When combined with magnesium hydroxide acts as an effective odor neutralizer.  It boasts many, many benefits for skin!

Magnesium Hydroxide - We can all use a little more calmness from magnesium and when combined with zinc oxide it is a natural odor fighter!

Sodium Bicarbonate - Powerful odor neutralizer, naturally mined and naturally aluminum free.



Essential Oil Blends:

Antibacterial (a Thieves-style bacteria-blasting blend, clove is the strongest note): Clove bud, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, ravensara, rosemary, and tea tree.

Citrus (uplifting and cheerful): Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit, and Lemon.

Floral (relaxing and calming)Lavender, Tangerine, Geranium, Marjoram, Palmarosa, and Ylang Ylang.  





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Great for sensitive skin!
Written by Mary on Sep 25th 2021

I get bumps almost every time I shave my pits and put on deodorant. I have both the floral and antibacterial tallow deodorant. No bumps so far! Plus I only put on once at night and I don’t need to reapply during the day!

Written by Joey on Jul 24th 2021

I am a HEAVY sweater and it's hard to find a natural deodorant that can keep up. My arm pits get stinky fast if a deodorant isn't strong enough. I put this product to the test during a 2 hour strength-conditioning and Krav Maga class. COULDN'T SMELL A THING! I am thoroughly impressed. Thank you for making this excellent product. I will continue to purchase and share with everyone I know!

Love, love, love
Written by Thea K on May 29th 2021

I have been using more natural deodorants for years and I recently started noticing my armpits were darkening. A bit of internet reading told me that this can happen. Decided to try out this deodorant and I love it. No b.o. and my pits aren’t as dark already. Worth every penny. Customer for life.

Didn't like the smell of citrus
Written by Brittany on Apr 23rd 2021

I just received my order of this deodorant, but unfortunately I won't be able to use it because I don't like the scent. I personally wouldn't call it a citrus scent at all. It's more of an older spicy smelling deodorant. Not what I expected at all. Maybe I'll try the unscented one in the future. Very disappointed! (NOTE: After this review was posted we updated the essential oil blend and removed the spicy note she is describing).

works well
Written by Kretta on Apr 4th 2021

I really like this deodorant. I was using a natural deodorant before switching to this one. I put it on and give it some time to soak in. I don't notice a smell (from the deodorant or myself later in the day). I do reapply it between my two jobs (did that with all deodorants). I have pretty sensitive skin in my armpits - this product doesn't irritate my skin.

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