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Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, sunflower oil, lemon peel, goldenseal, banana powder, magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide, and aloe vera. Antibacterial Blend contains essential oils.

Finally, an all-natural deodorant that’s irritant free -- perfect for sensitive skin! Our founder Shalley has tried and loved many natural deodorants throughout the years, but found that certain ingredients caused too much irritation.  So she created a nourishing product that’s also free of aluminum, alcohols, baking soda, coconut oil, and synthetic fragrance—and this stuff really works!  One swipe of the comfortable wide applicator and you're on your way.

Buffalo Gal’s Deodorant has been a long time in the making because we only wanted to select the purest and most effective ingredients for our customers. As we traveled down the research rabbit hole, we sat back for a while, intensely listened to feedback from natural deodorant users across the globe, and came across ingredients that are not only powerful at combating odor, but strong immune boosters as well! We think this creates incredible synergy for the lymph nodes and sweat glands around the armpit that help rid our bodies of toxins and impurities. 

Because of the feedback we've heard, we took care not to include popular ingredients causing irritation such as baking soda, clays, coconut oil, and starches like arrowroot or tapioca powders. 

Currently available in Unscented and Antibacterial, a Thieves-style bacteria-blasting blend.


Natural Ingredients for Skincare

Grassfed Buffalo Tallow — Rendered from our family’s herd of water buffalo, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. In our deodorant, its added benefits include moisturizing sensitive skin and supporting healthy sweat secretion. Be sure to read about the amazing benefits of our 100% grassfed tallow here.

Lemon Peel — Antibacterial, improves micro-circulation and immune function, and promotes white blood cell formation.

Goldenseal — This herb is antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and strongly astringent. It also soothes underarm rashes.

Aloe Vera Oil -- Sunflower oil infused with macerated aloe leaf gives this deodorant a silky glide along with adding vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that support skin health.

Banana Powder —  This Potassium and Vitamin A-rich powder helps our deodorant absorb wetness while and moisturizing and soothing your pits.  Unlike other starches we've tried in natural deodorants, banana powder does not clog pores in armpits.

Zinc Oxide (non-nano) - When combined with magnesium hydroxide acts as an effective odor neutralizer.  It boasts many, many benefits for skin!

Magnesium Hydroxide - We can all use a little more calmness from magnesium and when combined with zinc oxide it is a natural odor fighter!

Antibacterial Essential Oil Blend -- Clove bud, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, ravensara, rosemary, and tea tree.




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