EYE REVIVE Herbal Tallow Balm (10ml)

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Ingredients: Grassfed water buffalo tallow (infused with direct trade coffee*, yaupon holly tea*, arnica*, and guarana*), and olive squalane. *organic

Show your tired eyes a little love with this nourishing herbal tallow balm! The skin around our eyes is particularly susceptible to losing elasticity and collagen, meaning we usually see the effects of aging or dietary and environmental stressors first around our eyes. Support your eye area by helping it stay moisturized and smooth, plus reduce dark shadows, puffing, sagging, and the appearance of fine lines with our magical Eye Revive!

We've worked hard to create a product to nourish and support the skin around the eyes so that it maintains and generates more collagen. AND use only real, whole food based ingredients with which to do so.

Note: Due to the caffeine content in this product, it is best applied earlier during waking hours.


Directions: With a clean, dry finger, gently dab a tiny amount of this balm around the eyes, being extra gentle with the eyelids. It is beneficial to use on your whole face once or twice a week.  Use with our Jade Roller or a Gua Sha stone for elevated results!


Natural Ingredients for Skincare and Their Benefits

Grassfed Buffalo Tallow — Rendered from our family’s herd of buffalo, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. Lab tests reveal that our water buffalo tallow contains a significant level of retinol.  Be sure to read about the amazing benefits of our 100% grassfed tallow here. This tallow is infused with a blend of organic xanthine rich plant extracts for a line-smoothing, de-puffing, damage-fighting powerhouse!

Olive Squalane -- A luxurious, sophisticated moisturizing agent that is made from the unsaponifiable fractions of olive oil.  We chose olive over sugar cane for this product because olive has a richer feel.  Squalane is not a carrier oil, rather an active ingredient that is easily absorbed by human skin.  This is because it is a derivative of the unsaturated terpene hydrocarbon called Squalene, an oily molecule that occurs naturally in the sebum of human skin. With age, the skin’s natural Squalene production begins to decline, making products with Squalane more valuable as skin begins to lose its moisture, smoothness, and strength.  Squalane boosts the skin’s water-retention, leaving it looking and feeling hydrated, smoother, and softer to the touch without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. It helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and cracks formed by extreme dryness and damage. Furthermore, it protects against the harsh effects of the elements, UV radiation, and pollution. 

Organic Direct Trade Coffee — One of our favorite skin-healing secrets. Caffeine in coffee tightens fine lines, evens tone, prevents inflammation, reduces puffiness, creates a smoothing effect, and aids circulation while restricting blood vessels, thus reducing redness.  Coffee acts as a powerful antioxidant and moisturizer, calms and brightens irritated skin caused by sun damage.   

Organic Yaupon Holly Tea -- Grown on a regenerative farm in Georgia, yaupon holly is the only indigenous source of caffeine in North America.  Historically, native Americans traveled long distances to acquire this tea for its medicinal benefits.  Yaupon holly tea contains caffeine more akin to the mateine found in yerba mate, and is similar to green tea in its high antioxidant content.

Organic Arnica Flowers -- A beautiful yellow flower in the daisy family, arnica is well-reputed for its ability to combat irritation and reduce swelling.  As a result, it's used to make one of the most popular homeopathic remedies sold around the world.  We chose it for this product because it strengthens thin skin around the eye area and reduces puffiness and lines.  

Organic Guarana Seed -- We include this Brazilian native grown berry because of its theophylline content, a naturally occurring xanthine.  Containing 2.5 times the caffeine as coffee, guaraná infused into fat can help tighten and moisturize the skin in a natural and effective way.  It is a vasco-constrictor, which means it reduces puffiness and smooths the skin, creating a youthful glow.  By increasing blood flow and increasing the lipolytic effect, it blocks enzymes and decreases triglycerides breakage. This anti-inflammatory impact also makes Guaraná great for delicate and sensitive areas, such as eyes, as caffeine can help temporarily reduce puffiness.



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Fine Lines are Improving
Written by Maleah L. on Mar 18th 2023

My crow's feet and fines look smoother and more filled in since starting to use this product a month ago! Highly recommend!

Eye Revive is the BEST!!!
Written by LLP on Mar 10th 2023

This is, hands-down, the VERY BEST eye cream I have ever used! I have tried MANY, so that’s saying a lot! It goes on beautifully, soaks in quickly, doesn’t burn or sting my eyes or skin, and brightens the area perfectly. I’m so happy to have finally found the my eye cream!!!

Rivals eye creams 4 times the price!
Written by Carla on Feb 26th 2023

Seriously, my regular eye cream costs over $100 and it's no where near as good as Eye Revive! Making a permanent switch.

Eye Revive
Written by Mara on Dec 26th 2022

I love the ingredient list and how this balm feels around my eyes. Definitely a game changer for morning puffiness and dryness.

Wake up your eyes!
Written by Kim B. on Dec 23rd 2022

Love this stuff! Smells good and always helps if I wake up with tired eyes.

Awesome product!
Written by Kathleen Huff on Dec 18th 2022

I’ve been using this eye moisturizer for years. I like using “clean” products on my face. It’s a must have for me. I won’t do without it!

Great product
Written by Mel on Nov 9th 2022

I use this product frequently. It leaves my skin smooth and soft. It's great at removing mascara too. I'm really enjoying this product.

Eye Revive
Written by Cristina on Aug 8th 2022

I'm loving this eye balm! Smells like a yummy cup of coffee and really does a great job of smoothing the skin under my eyes and it stays all day. Works well under makeup. I'll definitely repurchase.

Better than Clinique
Written by Renee on Aug 2nd 2022

I’ve enjoyed this eye cream daily since April this year. A little goes a long way! For years I’ve been a die hard All About Eyes Rich by Clinique fan, but this miracle balm is so much cleaner and more effective. It leaves delicate skin around the eye soft ....wrinkles noticeably lessened. Also the caffeine takes all puffiness down. I use a small amount at night and that moisturizes for a full 24 hours. Buy yours today! You won’t be disappointed!

Eye Revive
Written by Connie Bridges on Dec 15th 2021

This product lives up to its name. Use it with the night cream and you wake up revived in the morning. No matter how tired you are your face won't show it!.

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