HERBAL TALLOW BALM - Eczema Blend (2 oz)

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Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, emu oil, manuka honey, St. John's wort*, arnica*, chickweed*, chamomile*, and plantain*. *organic

Herbal Tallow Balm - Eczema Blend is formulated to soothe and comfort irritated skin without synthetic chemicals or additives. Our own Grassfed Buffalo Tallow is infused with organic herbs and combined with pure, locally sourced emu oil, and manuka honey.  This combination of ingredients is known to provide topical relief to inflamed and irritated skin.

It works wonders for eczema, psoriasis, surgery scars, radiation burns, wounds, stretch marks, diaper rash, wrinkles, raw nipples during lactation, acne, rosacea, and other troubling skin conditions.

Natural Ingredients for Skincare and Their Benefits

Grassfed Buffalo Tallow — Rendered from our family’s herd of buffalo, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. Be sure to read about the amazing benefits of our 100% grassfed tallow here.

Emu oil - This rich oil is high in Vitamin E and deeply absorbed in the skin. It’s also a powerful analgesic and anti inflammatory. We source emu oil from a local farm where the birds freely roam dozens of acres of pasture and woods and are given no vaccines, de-wormers, or antibiotics. No preservatives are ever added to the emu oil and unlike most on the market today, it is not cut with mineral oil or other oils!  Emu oil has many anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and is also hypoallergenic! It is known for having an analgesic effect by easing muscle and joint pain without side effects. It also provides topical relief for eczema and psoriasis. 

Herb Blend: St. John’s Wort (reduces swelling and relieves pain associated with troubled skin conditions. It is also antifungal and antiviral), Arnica (anti-inflammatory and analgesic), chickweed, chamomile, and plantain.

Manuka Honey - Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush.  It has many wound healing properties that other honeys do not. 

Directions: With clean, dry hands scoop out a dime-sized dollop and work into the palm of your hand until warm and smooth. Then apply to affected area. Repeat as needed. This formulation is hypo-allergenic and unscented. Be patient in using any application -- this is a highly nourishing product and takes time to fully integrate.  


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Eczema Balm
Written by Brittany on Jan 6th 2023

I know that my eczema is caused by deeper issues like gut health and I am working on it. But in the meantime this balm has helped with itchiness and flaking skin. It's a lot softer and smoother and itches much less. I recommend this balm for anyone with irritated skin!

Herbal Tallow Balm
Written by Greg C. on Dec 21st 2022

Eczema repair, this stuff has kept me off of a western medicine routine (clindamycin in the scalp, Panoxyl face wash, doxycycline PO daily x 90 days). I rub this into my face and scalp before work. I probably look a little greasy at first but once this stuff sinks in my skin looks perfect.

The best stuff for everything, ever!
Written by Julie on Mar 26th 2022

I originally bought this when I was pregnant to have on hand for my baby. I had eczema as a child and wanted to be prepared for my child. He doesn’t have any eczema but I use it for diaper rash and it works wonderfully. Most importantly for me though is I use this with a little bit of coconut oil on my face in lieu of skincare regimen and wowwww the difference it has made for my skin!!! Heals any pimples so fast, fades scarring and keeps my skin so hydrated and glowy all day without ever feeling greasy. Doesn’t clog my pores or leave me feeling oily but I will say I have skin in the dryer side. I also combine this with coconut oil for my baby after his baths just to make sure his skin is hydrated and nourished and his skin loves it too! So grateful for this balm, will never not have it on hand!

Written by LR on Dec 24th 2021

Completely heals my eczema. Feels great and stops the itching. Truly don't think twice about purchasing this.

Relief for Nursing Mamas!
Written by Jenn C on Oct 4th 2021

I used this as a balm when nursing my youngest and had some discomfort prior to having her ties fixed. Now my oldest has had her first baby and I got some for her to use as well! It is comforting to know that ingredients are non-toxic and recognizable when it comes to such sensitive skin areas.

Best product I have ever used!
Written by Mary on Sep 25th 2021

I wish I could give this product 10 stars! This stuff got rid of eczema I had been trying to get rid of for nearly a year! I have tired all sorts of creams and lotions prescription and over the counter. I was having to go get steroid shots and take medicine to get relief enough to sleep. After two weeks… YES!… two weeks this God send had almost completely taken care of the redness, peeling, and itching!! I am so thankful I found these products! I am hooked!!

Good for dry skin
Written by Crystyl Craig on Dec 22nd 2020

I haven’t been using this long but I already like it. I use it on the back of my arms that are dry and bumpy and my hands that are so dry from washing them so much. It’s definitely helping.

Absolutely Amazing!
Written by Sherry on Apr 28th 2020

I’ve used this before but when my eczema broke out all over my neck and arms this spring, I ordered this again. Absolutely amazing! I used all kinds of homemade/all natural products but this hands down is the best.

It works!
Written by Stephanie on Jan 12th 2020

I have dyshidrotic eczema on my hands and my son has eczema on his torso. After just a few applications, my son’s eczema is virtually gone! It also seems to prevent my hands from flaring up because I haven’t had any symptoms since I’ve been applying it to my hands each evening. We’ve tried so many products and never had results like these! I will continue to use this product and I recommend it to anyone who suffers from eczema.

Written by Steph on Apr 17th 2019

I have excema on my hands so applying this very saturating cream after washing is making a difference. It absorbs easily and doesn't leave me with super greasy hands forever. I have to re-apply more often than I hoped, but it is very soothing when i am itchy.

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