TALLOW BALM - Lavender (2 oz)

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Ingredients: Grassfed tallow, organic cameillia seed oil, lavender essential oil blend.


NOTE: Due to the current glass shortage, this product will be temporarily packaged in a different jar than shown in the product photo. 


Our rich and creamy blend of grassfed tallow and exquisite tsubaki oil, scented with high quality lavender essential oils.

If you have sensitive skin and like lavender, you will love this product!  We use a combination of Spanish and high altitude French lavender essential oils for a lovely, balanced lavender scent.  This balm is ideal for all skin types for both face and body and is generally suitable for use during pregnancy and for babies. 

It's a perfect and deeply nourishing solution to your most common skincare woes.  Simple and nutritious, it will suit almost any moisturizing purpose you can imagine!   


Natural Ingredients for Skincare


The star ingredient in all of our balms is our Grassfed Tallow - Homegrown and in-house rendered, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products.  Tallow is a traditional skin moisturizer that has stood the test of time for its luxurious emollient properties and now plays an important role in skincare because of its nutritional bioavailability.  Read more about our tallow here


Organic Camellia Seed Oil — Camellia seed oil is high in antioxidants and has been cherished by Asian women for centuries for its ability to protect skin from free radical damage.  It refines mature skin and nourishes the complexion. It feels light and absorbs quickly, leaving a silky feel, making it an ideal companion to our tallow!  We use only camellia japonica now, known as tsubaki oil.


Lavender Essential Oil — Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial, this oil also lends a calming and soothing scent to our products.  






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Best facial moisturizer!
Written by Christina on Jan 13th 2021

This facial moisturizer is the best! I have tried other tallow based moisturizers from other brands and they really don't compare to Buffalo Gal Grassfed. The buffalo tallow really is hydrating and I love how everything is all natural. The lavender smell is perfect and not too overpowering and I can't even smell the tallow. I have been using this during my entire pregnancy and its helped my skin stay soft and clear. Will continue to purchase this after I run out!

Lavender Tallow Balm
Written by Barbara Love on Nov 12th 2019

Love, Love, Love this tallow balm. I use it AM/PM on my face and it feels wonderful. Not heavy, no greasy feeling, just wonderful. I feel good using it knowing it's locally sourced and no unknown what is this ingredients.

Love the Lavender tallow!
Written by Haine on Oct 26th 2019

Absolutely love this one! Doesn’t leave my skin oily/greasy, but keeps it moisturized. I use it alongside of the emu tallow and mama’s eczema blend. It helps soothe my eczema and an added bonus is that it smells amazing!

Tallow Balm
Written by Barbara Love on Apr 23rd 2019

Love my Buffalo Gal skin care products. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I have to say I owe it these products for giving me healthy skin. I've been using the Tallow Balm for a couple of years at least and nothing compares. It feel great on my skin no complaints here!!

Lavendar Tallow Balm
Written by Melissa on Mar 22nd 2019

I'm new to the world of tallow and it's health benefits. The idea of using animal fat on my oily prone face made me nervous (I was afraid of having more breakouts or my skin feeling really greasy) but I could not be more in love with this company and product. After using this Lavender tallow balm for six weeks it's amazing how much better my skin feels and how much healthier it looks. It's no joke. The oils from the tallow actually do work WITH your skin, as crazy as that sounds. I love the feel of the tallow on my face, it doesn't feel greasy like I assumed it would, but rather it made the skin soft and it feels clean, not to mention my face looks better, healthier. Plus, the best part is, the lavender tallow doesn't have that "smell" of normal tallow which is great! I also use the lip whips and they are equally amazing. Normal chapsticks, even the organic ones, always leave me feeling dry and needing more. But these whips have made my lips less chapped...and again, after 6 weeks of use, I find that I need less (even during the dry winter months) b/c they work so well and really moisturize the skin/lips. I can't say enough about these products. And working with the owners has been so easy and informative - they really care about their customers and help them decide the best products for their specific needs, not just trying to sell you something, but working with you and educating you.

Lavender Tallow
Written by Andrea Holland on Jan 2nd 2019

This is the best cream I’ve ever used on my face. I usually have dry skin patches in the winter and since using this every day I have no dry skin. Doesn’t clog my pores or break me out. Feels amazing!

Great for dry skin
Written by Doris on Aug 14th 2018

I'm using this balm on my feet and a dry patch on my left forearm, and I've noticed much improvement, very quickly. It makes my skin incredibly soft. The texture is smooth and light, much more so than other tallow balms I've tried. I ordered some more jars to share with my husband.

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