Vitamins in Beef Tallow Revealed

VITAMINS IN BEEF TALLOW REVEALEDHAVE YOU HEARD THE CLAIMS?Have you ever come across claims about the exceptional vitamin content in tallow? Almost every advertisement, social media post, and product description boasts about tallow being "chock full o

A Path To A Greener World: A Look Into Regenerative Farming

Scientists and farmers worldwide are bringing forth a solution to the global warming crisis. Regenerative farming processes help farmers be more sustainable by yielding crops needed for production while prioritizing the ecosystem's health.For many ye

Welcome to Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty - All Natural Skincare featuring Our Own Grassfed Tallow

It's no secret that healthy, radiant skin starts with healthy living. A diet of unadulterated, nutrient dense plant and animal foods is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Isn't it wonderful to know that we can also support our skin's healt